ID Collection.
A new line of Moleskine bags

28 February 2017

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Form and function come together in a range of travel bags made for working on the move

Moleskine expands its traveling collection with the release of a new line of bags designed to function both as a way to carry everyday items and as a mobile office. Like all Moleskine bag collections, the ID Collection plays with the iconic features borrowed from Moleskine notebooks – rounded corners, elastic closure and attention to detail.

Whether by design or by necessity, working on the move can strengthen creativity and open the mind to new ideas but can be frustrating if your work tools are hard to reach, easily damaged or disorganized. This collection has been specially conceived to efficiently keep the items you carry with you every day – digital devices, notebooks, pens, keys, earphones, wallet, energy bar – safe and within easy reach without sacrificing style and comfort.

FORGET ABOUT THE FORECAST. All of the bags in the ID Collection are made of water-resistant nylon and tough coated canvas, durable materials that feel natural to the touch and keep belongings sheltered in all weather. A resistant base gives the bags structure and added protection, indoors and outdoors.

IDEAS CONNECTED ON THE MOVE. Every bag in the ID Collection is designed to safely carry digital devices, with padded inner compartments and a front pocket with a zipper. Prying hands are kept away by elastic band and zip closures and a smart magnetic clasp on the outer flap. Inside, a special Moleskine Notes pocket keeps writing tools organized and on hand. Included in the collection are also three ID Device Bags specifically designed to carry digital devices but with ample space for documents and notes in button-fastened back pockets.

INTUITIVE DESIGN DETAILS. This collection is created with comfort and function in mind. Two external metal eyelets on all of the bags provide a secure and handy spot for attaching tools and keys.  Handles and straps are adjustable and padded to ensure portability on long commutes and personalized fit and the ID Messenger Bag also has an adaptable bike belt.  Both of the ID Backpacks come with a cable hole for digital accessibility, while the ID Tote Bag has an open back pocket for quick access objects and accessories.

MY ANALOG CLOUD. The neutral style of the ID Collection adapts itself to different identities and occasions and can be easily personalized according to taste and function. Designed with their contents in mind, the bags in the collection are defined by the items they hold, which are in turn defined by the unique personality and identity of their owners.

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Name: ID Bag Collection

  • ID Backpack: available in Black, Slate Grey & Boreal Blue.
  • ID Small Backpack: available in Black, Slate Grey & Boreal Blue.
  • ID Messenger Bag: available in Black & Slate Grey.
  • ID Reporter Bag: available in Black, Slate Grey & Boreal Blue.
  • ID Briefcase Bag: available in Black & Slate Grey.
  • ID Tote Bag: available in Black & Slate Grey.
  • ID Horizontal Device Bag: 15"/13"; available in Black, Slate Grey & Boreal Blue.

ID Vertical Device Bag: 15"; available in Black, Slate Grey & Boreal Blue.

The belongings, projects and digital tools we carry with us in our bags are intrinsically linked to who we are. With this in mind, each item in the ID Collection contains a link to My Analog Cloud, an online game that plays with a selection of objects, values and containers to generate personal profiles based on each user's choices.

Download the media kit here.

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Moleskine as a brand was created in 1997, inspired to bring back the essential, nameless black notebook used by famous writers and artists like Vincent van Gogh, Pablo Picasso, Ernest Hemingway, and Bruce Chatwin that was long out of print.
Today, the Moleskine brand encompasses a family of objects: notebooks, diaries, journals, bags, writing instruments and reading accessories, to enhance productivity and creativity in our nomadic lives.  The home office in Milan, Italy includes wholly-owned subsidiaries, Moleskine America, Inc. (established in 2008), Moleskine France (2013), Moleskine Germany (2013) and Moleskine Asia Ltd (2011), which controls Moleskine Shanghai and Moleskine Singapore.