Imagining a Career as a Professional Creative

12 December 2013

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Creative Cloud Photo Book by Moleskine, 
Adobe and MRY features student artwork from around the world.

Every creative student dreams of becoming a creative professional while doodling in their notebook. Moleskine collaborated with Adobe and creative agency MRY to help some of the most talented students worldwide design a path to becoming a professional. The result is the Creative Cloud Photo Book, which has been created using the Moleskine Photo Book platform and showcasing artwork of student creatives from around the world. The Creative Cloud Notebook will be shared with top creative agencies in the world.

Bridging the Analog-Digital Divide.
Professionals have long found a balance between analog and digital tools when working with images, texts and ideas. Designing a personal workflow is a key part of becoming a professional creative.  Whether by hacking classic Moleskine Notebooks, using hybrid tools like those in the Moleskine Evernote Collection to organize their best ideas, or sharing the results of their inspiration online, they are moving from analog to digital and back seamlessly everyday.

Moleskine Photo Books – Tools For Professional Creatives.
Like the full range of Moleskine collections, the Moleskine Photo Books are platforms for imagination and sharing. They enable anyone to create and print their own Photo Book with acclaimed lie-flat binding materials, elastic band, rounded corners, back pocket, and classic ivory-colored paper.

Moleskine Photo Books introduce a new technological and qualitative standard to print on demand books and deliver an unprecedented quality photo book. They provide a portfolio tool for the professional creative whether they work in photography, graphic design, web design, industrial design, illustration, architecture or in any other creative field.

Giving Students a Chance at their Dreams.
Participating students have enjoyed professional mentorship, networking opportunities, and the chance to pursue meaningful creative projects. As an additional boost to aspiring careers Moleskine and Adobe have worked closely to ensure the Creative Cloud Photo Book will be distributed to a global community of creative thought leaders at top creative agencies.

The Creative Cloud Photo Book will inspire and provide that essential moment of exposure that might just make some student creatives' dreams a reality.

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