Moleskine Artist Marketplace

24 March 2011

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 A new e-commerce platform enabling direct exchange between artists and fans.

Moleskine is pleased to announce the launch of the Moleskine Artist Marketplace, a new kind of e-commerce platform that allows fans and consumers to purchase one-of-a-kind, customized notebooks, journals and planners directly from Moleskine artists.

Moleskine enthusiasts will now have a centralized hub for sharing and discovering new work, trading tips for customizing covers, and purchasing notebooks from their favorite artists. From embroidery and origami, to oil paint, photography, and even taxidermy, the full range of artistic techniques and mediums is on display. When a user sees a customized Moleskine notebook they would like to purchase, they can buy it directly from the artist who produced it. Submissions receiving the most "likes" will be displayed in a dynamic mosaic on the homepage.

The talented community of creative individuals who use Moleskine notebooks has long been treating their covers as canvases, enthusiastically sharing the results online. In recent years, the company has also received an unprecedented number of requests for customized notebooks from its devoted fans all over the world. The Moleskine Artist Marketplace brings these two groups together for the first time, enabling a direct exchange between artist and consumer, and will serve as the Web's premier showcase for the ever-expanding artistic genre of Moleskine customization.

Enabling Artists
The Moleskine Artist Marketplace connects the creative community that relies on Moleskine products for their work to an active and devoted audience of consumers. Customized notebooks typically sell at higher prices than standard notebooks. The Moleskine-authenticated direct-exchange sales platform helps artists set their own prices and keep 92.5% of the sale price.

"The Moleskine Artist Marketplace has prompted me to think about applying my art in a whole new way" said Brad Fisher, a mixed-media portrait artist who uses Moleskine plain notebooks to sketch his compositions. "But what excites me even more is that the platform is an honest marriage of creativity and commerce."

Community Commerce
 With the launch of the Moleskine Artist Marketplace, Moleskine has established a new online consumer category: Community Commerce--a commercial venture that embraces the DIY spirit at the heart of Moleskine culture. For the first time in history, a global brand is empowering its customers to use its products as a platform for monetizing their unique talents, while helping Moleskine fans find the one-of-a-kind notebooks they have been asking for.

"If we are to retain our iconic edge, radical new digital strategies are a fundamental part of creating long-term value for an analog company like Moleskine," said Arrigo Berni, CEO of Moleskine Srl. "From a business point-of-view, the Moleskine Artist Marketplace is a 'beta experiment' for a range of possibilities, from adding new revenue streams to expanding the relevance of handcrafted pursuits in our digital age."

Moleskine Artist Marketplace opens to the public on March 24, 2011. Visit the website, click here.

Watch artists Stella Sbilenca and Giorgio Milano customize their Moleskine notebooks for sale on the Moleskine Artist Marketplace in two new videos on our You Tube Channel. A selection of hi-res images of the Moleskine Artist Marketplace platform and various artist-customized notebooks available for sale at launch are available upon request.

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