Keep the window to your imagination open with Peter Pan

13 February 2017

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A Limited Edition Notebook Collection inspired by the antics of a little boy who refuses to grow up

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Moleskine presents a new Limited Edition Notebook Collection inspired by Peter Pan. More than simply the celebration of a timeless literary classic, this Limited Edition Collection taps in to the deeper story-within-the-story that speaks of the resilience and innate wisdom of childhood. It reminds us that there is a Peter Pan in all of us if only we are willing to open ourselves to our imaginations.

Written by Scottish novelist and playwright J.M. Barrie and first published as a novel under the title Peter and Wendy in 1911, the story is an adventurous fairytale about a mischievous little boy who refuses to grow up. Peter Pan lives in Neverland, an imaginary world inhabited by fairies, pirates and mermaids, where there are no rules and no grownups. At night Peter flies to London and sits outside an open window to listen to the bedtime stories being read to Wendy Darling and her two brothers. It is through this same open window that he whisks the siblings off on an extraordinary journey.

Like the open nursery window, the notebooks in this Limited Edition Collection are a gateway to a place where anything is possible, your very own Neverland. Each of the four covers in the collection are customized with childlike hand drawn illustrations and four quintessential Peter Pan quotes to tempt the inner child in us all to emerge. A Collector’s Edition box set in limited numbers is available for purchase at Moleskine Stores worldwide and on the Moleskine Online Store.

The sentences on the covers are:

“Second to the right and then straight on till morning”.
“Oh the cleverness of me”
“Do you believe in fairies?”
“All children grow up except for one”

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Peter Pan Limited Edition Notebooks


  • hard cover with themed graphics and details
  • ruled layout
  • rounded corners, elastic closure, ribbon bookmark
  • themed paperband and paperband B-side
  • expandable inner pocket in cardboard and cloth
  • themed endpapers
  • ivory 70 g/m2 acid-free paper

Price:  Pocket € 16.90/$19.95, Large € 29.90/$24.95

Download the media kit here.

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