Moleskine and Evernote now available for Android users

25 March 2013

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The handmade is rendered searchable, storable and shareable.

The Evernote Smart Notebook and application is being made available for Android from 25th March 2013, further improving the experience of syncing paper to digital. The benefits of both mediums are combined to offer a completely new way of note-taking so that ideas don't get lost and things get done.

Created on optimized paper specially designed to work with the Evernote Page Camera, hand-produced notes and sketches are transformed into high quality flat scans that can be stored and shared instantly. The pages' dotted lines and particular layout work with the camera to enhance content by automatically correcting perspectives, cropping out backgrounds, erasing shadows, improving contrast and straightening images. Exclusively for Android, the widget brings the Smart Notebook directly to the phone's interface for instant access.

Augmented notebooking.
New creative possibilities are unlocked by bringing analog and digital closer together in this way. Rather than being constrained to one medium, the pleasure and flexibility of working on paper meets digital advantages such as instant sharing, synching, searching and storing.

Tagging happens on the page instead of online: themed Smart Stickers enable users to file their work within the app. There is even a sticker for errors or unwanted content, which will ensure they don't get copied. Refined character recognition means that word or tag searches can be performed on handwritten notes, while multi-page projects can be saved as one file.

A seamless creative experience.
The Smart Notebook embodies the bridging of two worlds which are normally kept apart. Navigating from one device to another through different mediums and methods has become commonplace for many contemporary creative professionals, but moving between analog and digital has not always been as simple as it should be.

The Android release is further evidence that paper and digital can join forces in the creative process, allowing ideas and memories to be organized, secure, and shareable.

How to get optimal results.

• Available for Android version 2.2 and above
• Use a back-facing camera with auto-focus capabilities
• Use a 5MP camera for more accurate recognition of handwriting, page dots and stickers
• Use flash

Evernote for Android is launching on 25th March 2013.
Download the media kit here.
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