Moleskine and FiftyThree: Bring Ideas to Life.

01 October 2013

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FiftyThree, makers of the groundbreaking iPad app Paper, and Moleskine, makers of the legendary notebook, announce the debut of Book, a handmade, custom-printed book created right from within Paper. Paper, an Apple App of the Year with over 8 million downloads, allows anyone to seamlessly capture ideas as sketches, diagrams, illustrations, notes, or drawings,  and share them across the web. Now, with Book, sketches created on Paper are brought to life simply and beautifully in a 15-spread fold-out format created exclusively by Moleskine for Paper.

FiftyThree has rethought print-on-demand publishing with the same eye for simplicity that creators love in Paper. With Book, Paper creators can choose 15 pages of sketches to print on rich, sustainable, matte paper that's specifically designed to match the iPad's 4:3 aspect ratio. Books can be customized with color and artwork options on the cover and spine, or as a classic black Moleskine hardcover. Both versions are available for $40 (USD), and can be purchased internationally.

Our greatest creative breakthroughs occur when boundaries are crossed, and images and ideas can seamlessly flow from the head and heart, to the screen and page. FiftyThree and Moleskine share a mission to remove barriers to creation, and Book is the simplest and most beautiful way to give your ideas to others.

Book by FiftyThree and Moleskine is on sale in Paper Tuesday, October 1st and retails for $40. Books are handmade in the UK, and will arrive in early November.

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FiftyThree is building the essential suite of mobile tools for creativity and are the creators behind the breakthrough iPad app, Paper by FiftyThree. Paper was named Apple's App of the Year and is used by millions of creators around the world to capture their ideas. FiftyThree is the space to create.

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Moleskine is a brand that encompasses a family of personal, nomadic objects: notebooks, diaries, device covers, journals, digital apps, bags, writing instruments and reading accessories. They are the essential objects that we keep close as we navigate our physical lives and engage with our digital communities. They are the objects that identify us wherever we are in the world and invite us to imagine what will become the cultural heritage of tomorrow.

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