Moleskine unveils The Detour Book: The Moleskine notebook experience

15 November 2012

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Book showcases notebooks of more than 250 creative thinkers including Dave Eggers, Spike Jonze, Sigur Rós, Christian LaCroix, Mary Ellen Mark and more.

To be unveiled at launch party in Venice on November 16th during Biennale Architettura

Celebrating the power of handwriting and sketching, Moleskine unveils The Detour Book: The Moleskine notebook experience, a stunning collection of more than 250 notebooks that have been decorated, hacked, and sketched by some of the world's leading artists and creative thinkers, including Spike Jonze, Christian LaCroix, Dave Eggers, Sigur Rós, Mary Ellen Mark, Toyo Ito, Mike Figgis, Giovanni Sollima, Paula Scher, Karim Rashid, and more.

The Detour Book will be unveiled at a launch party in Venice on Friday, November 16, 2012 at Serra dei Giardini di Castello, as part of A Better World, a collateral event of Biennale Architettura 2012.

The notes, clippings, drawings, and sculptures showcased in the book have been touring the world in Detour, a travelling exhibit that allows the public to experience, flip through, and interact with the notebooks' pages. Displayed inside Perspex boxes to keep the notebooks safe, the exhibit provides spectators with intimate insight into the creative process of each author. All works in The Detour Book and exhibit have been donated by the authors to lettera27, a nonprofit foundation dedicated to supporting the right to literacy, education, and access to knowledge and information.

The Detour Book features an introduction by Maria Sebregondi, who created the Moleskine notebook line in 1997 and is now the Director of Brand Equity for Moleskine. Sebregondi, who has written extensively on writing and linguistics, said the book offers a vital reminder to readers on the creative power of handwriting and sketching.

"In a digital age, the blank pages of a notebook provide a limitless, open platform for creativity, inspiring people to take leaps of the imagination and to push the boundaries of personal storytelling," said Sebregondi.

The book is divided into five sections – Visionaries, Semantics, Virtuosos, Romantics, and Ironists -- and features written text by leading thinkers including: Lorin H. Stein, editor of The Paris Review; Hans-Ulrich Obrist, art curator and critic; Maurizio Ferraris, Italian philosopher and academic; Richard Sennett, sociologist and author (The Craftsmen); Padget Powell, American novelist (The Interrogative Mood), and Raffaella Guidobono, curator of the Detour exhibit and editor of The Detour Book.

"The book allows readers to compare notebooks at a glance and discover common elements in an architect's and a writer's works," said Guidobono. "We hope it gives rise to intimate discussions about the creative process, and that its multifarious images give a perspective on creativity as a whole."

The diverse mix of talented minds featured in The Detour Book also includes Tishani Doshi, Javier Marìas, Tom Sachs, Ron Arad, Italo Rota, Kuehn Malvezzi, Ross Lovegrove, Tord Boontje's Antonio Marras, Yves Béhar, and Erina Matsui.

Since 2006, the Detour exhibit has drawn enthusiastic crowds in London, New York, Paris, Berlin, Istanbul, Tokyo, Venice, and Shanghai. Detour will visit Sao Paulo in 2013. In each city, local visual artists, film directors, musicians, writers, illustrators, and other creative professionals contribute new notebooks, making a richer and more diverse collection. Detour is also a permanent online video exhibition, featuring videos of each author's notebook at

Title: The Detour Book: The Moleskine notebook experience
Publisher: Moleskine SpA
Editor: Raffaella Guidobono
Texts: Maurizio Ferraris
  Raffaela Guidobono
  Hans-Ulrich Obrist
  Maria Segrebondi
  Lorin H. Stein
  All other texts by Raffaellla Guidobono
Excerpts: Padgett Powell
  Richard Sennett
Graphic Design: Zetalab Milano
Publishing Coordinator: Igor Salmi
Publication date: November 12, 2012 (Europe);
  December 4, 2012 (North America)
ISBN: 9788866130062
Price: € 59,00 (Europe)
Pages: 352
Hard cover: The book is cloth-bound, mounted with black cardboard
and white cloth on the spine + elastic band
Retailers: Available for purchase at Moleskine Store and specialty bookstores

The edition contains a 352-page book, printed on ivory coloured paper, with more than 250 illustrations. The book is cloth-bound, mounted with black cardboard and white cloth on the spine + elastic band.


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