The New Moleskine Passions

01 December 2009

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The New Moleskine Passions: Journals for the Loves of your Life.

Recipes, Wine, Book, Film, Music and Wellness journals to record and recall pieces of information, notes, clippings and drawings about your preferred passions.

Moleskine lovers can use the Passions to neatly collect information and reviews about new recipes, books they read or books people suggest to them, concerts they attend, dishes they tasted, films they see or they want to see, etc, and to share these information with others.

Each Journal includes a set of different page layouts, with themed calendars, glossaries, listings, and a core part of alphabetically organized and tabbed pages to fill in.

All Passions come with a different series of themed stickers and icons, for page customization. On the back end paper there is a double pocket, for clipping, ticket and card collection. The classic Moleskine elastic band keeps everything closed, tidy and neat.

With MSK, the Moleskine online tool designed to transfer content from digital to paper, the user can easily print and paste on Moleskine Passion format the themed information he finds online, recipes he finds on blogs, comments about films, etc.

The black cover, one of the icons of the Moleskine brand, for the first time in the brand's history is fully embossed with a tight texture of themed images and writings.

Moleskine Passions will be available in bookshops around the world starting from February 2010.

Starting from January people will be able to test the Passions layouts with MSK, the online tool that allows you to print out different page layouts and paste them on your Moleskine notebooks.

Moleskine Collections: books yet to be written.

The brand Moleskine is synonymous with culture, travel, memory, and personal identity. It is a brand identifying a family of notebooks, journals, planners and innovative city guides, blank pages and free platforms for creativity, where the content is generated by the user.

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