Paper in Motion

04 September 2013

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The first short film produced by Moleskine

Milan, September 4-15, 2013
From the storyboard to the big screen: the complete cycle of an animation film production takes shape at the Milano Film Festival.

The result of a partnership between Moleskine, Milano Film Festival and the British filmmaker Jessica Ashman and animation director Louis Hudson, the film will come together in a workshop over 3 days. Using various combinations of digital and hand made methods, laptops, tablets, paper sketchbooks and pencils the participants create a lively, psychedelic stream of consciousness based on ideas originating from their sketchbooks.

Throughout the years Moleskine has celebrated film in many ways, devoting Special Editions to directors and major film festivals. Thus notebooks were born in tribute to the Tribeca Film Festival, the Locarno International Film Festival and the Venice Film Festival, but also limited edition notebooks that honour great filmmakers such as Tim Burton, Mike Figgis, Spike Jones, Jia Zhangke and Zhang Yuan.

But the passion that Moleskine has for cinema does not end here, with two notebooks specially designed for fans of the moving image: the Film Journal, for building your own DVD library on paper, and the Storyboard notebook for the creation of scripts and shots.

This year Moleskine goes even further in its dedication to cinema with its very first animated short film. Animation, more than any other film technique, is at the heart of Moleskine values, because it is the quick succession of designs that convey the idea of movement, like the smooth transition from the notebook to the screen. It's amazing how many videos are created every year around Moleskine. Stop motion animation, flip books, and hacks; thousands of stories that develop on the pages of notebooks.

The film produced by this meeting of creative minds will be screened on September 15th at the Teatro Strehler. The evening will start at 20.30 with the awards for the best films of the festival. The short film will be presented later.

Jessica Ashman is a filmmaker with a passion for moving things in tiny increments. She specialises in stop-motion, 2-D animation and digital illustration and is currently based in Glasgow.

Louis Hudson is a 2D animation director and co-founder of comedy collective Dice Productions. He has worked with Channel 4, UK Film Council, Warner Entertainment and Oxfam. His latest film, All Consuming Love (Man in a Cat), has won multiple awards on the international film festival circuit.