Moleskine Planners Collections 2012

20 July 2011

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56 different models, 22 new releases, hundreds of ways to fill them in. A new photo gallery of diverse Moleskine planners, shown in use.

There are hundreds of ways you can use a diary or planner. Moleskine explores some of them with a new photo gallery of completed planner pages. The creative professional, the businessman, the student, the academic, the teenager, everyone has his/her own preferred layout, his/her own planning style, and their own approach to filling in the blank space of a planner. Moleskine users express themselves by creating a personal planning style by choosing from a variety of sizes, planners with different combinations of blank and ruled space, daily or weekly scheduling formats, hard or soft covers, and now also many different cover themes.

To illustrate this, Moleskine gathered images of different completed planners in a variety of layouts, creating a diverse photo gallery representing the many lives of Moleskine users.

How paper planner prosper in the digital era.
When it seemed that the planner industry was doomed to decline with to rise of digital tools for organizing time, ideas and memories, Moleskine designed tools to complement digital devices. Our research shows that Moleskine users feel perfectly comfortable using both analog and digital devices. In fact, people strongly inclined to the use of digital devices have a stronger than average passion for Moleskine notebooks and planners. Analog and digital tools have different moods and serve different purposes for different tasks and situations. Some tasks, like taking extemporary notes or jotting down ideas, show that paper planners still are highly valuable in face of smart phones or laptop computers. Moreover, neuroscientists agree on the fact that handwritten signs and words are easier to remember than digital.

Designed for durability.
Moleskine planners are designed for durablility, in the binding, the stitching, the cover and the place marker ribbon. Every planner is expected to be thumbed through up to 20 times per day, 365 days a year. It needs to be portable and tough so it can tuck into bags and pockets. This is why Moleskine materials are submitted to a strict quality control system. Moleskine planners are manufactured through a combination of handmade and automated production methods that makes every notebook unique. If, despite the strict quality control, any flaw is found, the user is allowed a free replacement, though our online quality control system.

New releases for 2012
Moleskine has now in its catalogue 56 different models, of which 22 new releases for 2012, with new themed covers, new colors and new page layouts.

Cahier Diaries. Natural color, rough cardboard, ultra light.

Cahier Weekly Diary. Colours: Terracotta, Mais, Ginger, Wheat. Heavy-duty cardboard cover, with visible Singer stitching on the spine. One week per page, with horizontal layout.
Cahier 3-Piece Diary. Colors: Earth and Warm greys. Each 3-Piece Diary includes: 1) Week-a-Page: one week per page, 64 pages. 2) Daily Notebook: one day for each page, with no date, 64 pages, all detachable. 3) Double Pocket: 2 pockets in cardboard and cloth. Elastic closure to gather the 3 pieces together.

Cover Art Planners by the Moleskine Community.
Since the creation of the myMoleskine Gallery in March 2009, creatives from all over the world have posted thousands of images scanned from the pages of their Moleskine notebooks. From this multifaceted digital gallery, which can be visited at, we present the first selection of visual creations from the Cover Art Collection, now also available for planners. For each Cover Art, Moleskine has made a donation to a non-profit organisation chosen by the artist.
The two selected authors for planners 2012 are: Mattias Adolfsson, an illustrator from Sweden who spends every little piece of his spare time drawing. As a recipient of the Moleskine donation he has chosen SOS Children's Villages.
Sergey Bakin, a graphic designer and artist from Russia. His work combines emotions with graphic solutions. As a recipient of the Moleskine donation he has chosen Life Line.

Professional Diaries.
Large planning space with checklist and useful information are combined with blank space for free notes. New for 2012 two XL models:
Action Diary. The whole week on two pages, with vertical layout. Column for weekly actions and projects on the right and two full month snapshots.
Taskmaster Diary. Four pages for each week: two pages for the whole week, with vertical layout and two full month snapshots , followed by two pages for weekly actions and projects.

Limited Editions Diaries. Peanuts and PAC-MAN.
Moleskine appreciates contemporary classics and creates special projects with pop culture icons. Peanuts, one of the most influential comic strips of all time, which has accompanied three generations of men and women worldwide. The Peanuts Limited Edition is strictly black and white. Second limited edition is dedicated to Pac-Man, decorated with pixilated imagery that includes Pac-Man, ghost characters, fruit imagery and classical video game lines such as "Game Over", "Insert Coin", and "High Score." Both limited editions are available in two sizes (large and pocket) and two page layouts: Weekly Notebook and Daily Diary. Hard cover. with address book insert and postcard. PEANUTS © UFS. INC. - PAC-MAN ™ & © NAMCO BANDAI Games Inc

These new releases add to the existing Moleskine Planners. Available page layouts: Daily Diary, Weekly Diary Horizontal, Weekly Diary Vertical, Weekly Notebook, Monthly Notebook, "Colour a Month" Daily Diary, Desk Calendar, Action Diary, Taskmaster Diary, Panoramic Diary, Project Diary. The whole Planners collection is available on shelves and online worldwide starting from mid September. See online catalogue.

Download the Full Media Kit with photo gallery of filled in page layouts here.

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