Surprisingly Paper - New Planners for 2014

20 June 2013

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New Planners and Diaries for 2014

Why do so many people still feel the need for a paper diary? On its ivory pages, the weeks that go from empty to full tell our unique stories, capturing the reminders, to-dos and appointments that make us who we are.

Contrary to what one might think, paper pages are favored by many digital natives, who have gone full circle in the digital euphoria and are rediscovering the pleasure of the handmade.

The 2014 collection of Moleskine diaries and planners is where the blank page of the notebook meets the mindset of productivity, organization and self-expression. Ample space for thoughts and notes, not just dates, turns the planner into an archive for the 365 days of the year. Something to keep even after the year has ended, as a visual archive of activities, thoughts, projects, moments.  See examples in this community gallery here.

The range of Professional Diaries is now complete with the introduction of the Dashboard Diary, a vertical format large enough to accommodate a packed schedule with lists that can be detached when complete. Another noteworthy addition is the Turntable Diary, a unique format designed to be used either horizontally or vertically for greater flexibility when planning the week.

Old favorites from the Limited Edition range return with brand new designs celebrating LEGO, Star Wars and Le Petit Prince, or for those looking to lighten their daily load the new Peanuts collection brings Charlie Brown's light-hearted philosophy to the daily grind through silkscreened black or azure graphics on white covers.

The personal space of the diary can be customized with inserts. According to the model, they include address books, tabbed pages, adhesive labels and  themed stickers. Or for the digitally-inclined, free MSK templates can be downloaded from, bridging the planner to the cloud and absorbing our unique webs of hobbies, work, friends and family.

Available in a variety of sizes and layouts, they come in 18 or 12 month versions, on shelves from June 2013.

Download the media kit here.

Further information will be available from 25th June at

For updates and further assistance contact:
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Full list of Planners for 2014

Classic Diaries
The classic black or red in a range of sizes, formats and covers

Coloured Diaries
Spend 12 months with your favorite colour – and introducing the pocket size

Weekly Notebook
A page for appointments, a page for notes

Weekly Diary Horizontal
For those who prefer turning their notebook by 90°

"Colour a month" daily
An individual Volant daily diary for each month of the year, packed in a gift box

Limited Edition Diaries
12 or 18 months with an icon of popular culture: from LEGO and Star Wars to Le Petit Prince and Peanuts. Special themed designs and inserts to make you smile every day of the year.

Turntable Diaries
A brand new flexible format for both horizontal and vertical planning

Passions Diaries: Life & Culture, Family Life, Gourmet, Wellness
365 days of following your passion, tracking goals and planning all the events that make up your year

Professional Diaries – Dashboard, Action, Taskmaster, Panoramic, Project
From pocket to XL, this series keeps a busy day in order; with a 06:00 – 20:00 schedule, space for notes and  detachable lists that can be torn out and ticked off when complete. The Project diary consists of 52 accordion pages, so timelines can be tracked easily.