The My Analog Cloud game by Moleskine

11 March 2014

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Create a new identity every day
The My Analog Cloud game by Moleskine

Who are you today? Moleskine launches My Analog Cloud, an online game that allows players to generate a personal profile every day.

The lighthearted interactive animation has been designed to promote the concept behind the new myCloud Bag Series; that the contents of our bags help us to convey our personalities and share them with others.

Maria Sebregondi, VP of Brand Equity and Communications at Moleskine, explains this idea:
“Every time we pack our bag for the day ahead it’s like crafting an identity to show to others. Our bags contains our innermost thoughts and ideas. The things inside – belongings, projects in progress, digital devices that connect to our online selves – help us to express ourselves. Together they make up the analog cloud of objects that defines us.”

Through tongue-in-cheek graphics and a quirky interface, players are invited to select from various things that represent them that day. The game thoroughly analyses the player’s personality and choices, as an algorithm generates a personal profile including statistics and values and even a pie chart, in a variety of formats ready to share on social, post to the myMoleskine online community or download and print to add into the luggage tag included in the myCloud Bags. With no limit to the number of times the game can be played, players can create a new identity every day.

How to play
Keys, phone, umbrella. Actually, those binoculars might come in handy. And the cat must come along. And where would we be without Google? Pick three essential items you couldn’t leave home without. Proceed to Level 2 and select a couple of Moleskine tools that inspire you. Finally, drag everything into your favourite myCloud bag so you can take everything with you.
Oh wow, you’re the 1st Sketching Dandy worldwide: 33% classic, 16% spiritual, 13% dreamer. And there’s traces of independent, settled and impulsive.
Share your results with your friends and embrace the day ahead of you.

My Analog Cloud has been built with not even a pinch of scientific fact to vouch for its accuracy. Personality is a complex thing, consisting of the ephemeral and the enduring, the tangible and the ethereal, analog and digital. It’s there to have fun with.

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Download the media kit here.

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