Karim Said

Said Said's notebook contains records of his performances with some notes, starting from the day he got it as a present from the Curator, after a recital in Palermo.

Born in Jordania in 1989 Karim Said is a talent and a revelation. Everything he does, it's got to have the music involved. Extraordinary both as Composer and Pianist, he is constantly focused on his own rehearsals and concerts. Since he was 5th years old he was followed by and being filmed during 15 years of the earliest career, now featured in the docufilm "Karim's Journey". Karim was just ten when he started attending the Weimar workshops organised in connection with the West-Eastern Divan Orchestra and sixteen when he played with them and with Daniel Barenboim. Barenboim, who had been a child star himself, recognized in Karim something quite special. To get anywhere in music you need to be in a big city, so, still a lad, Karim had to leave home and study in England. He performs all over the world and teach at the Purcell School of Music where he trained himself.

Job: Musician

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