The Jury's Selection

myDetour_Shanghai_490.jpg                    myDetour Shanghai - in the middle the first selected notebook by Wang Rui Jia                                         

An incredible work of art created through the pages of a Cahier plain journal. A very special book made by Wang Rui Jia, the young artist selected by myDetour Shanghai's jury for best creativity and skill in execution. In her notebook, she tells about her life, from her childhood to nowadays, revealing doubts and fears, making her feelings real through her subtle drawing style. Her notebook, together with the others picked (here below), will be part of future Moleskine exhibitions around the world. Furthermore, as first selected, Wang Rui Jia is invited to the opening of the next Moleskine event.

In accordance with tradition, all participating notebooks will be donated to the non profit Foundation lettera27, supporting the right to literacy and the access to knowledge in developing countries.

First selected: Wang_Rui_Jia_s.jpg


myDetourShanghai_Bai_Lu_s.jpg myDetourShanghai_Chai_Lar_Zen_s.jpg myDetourShanghai_Huang_Pei_Wei_s.jpg
myDetourShanghai_Jin_Jing_s.jpg myDetourShanghai_Li_Meng_ying_s.jpg myDetourShanghai_Lisa-Juen_s.jpg
myDetourShanghai_Ye_Ming_s.jpg myDetourShanghai_Yu_chen_Lu_s.jpg myDetourShanghai_Zsa_s.jpg