Kazuo Kawasaki

Kawasaki Kawasakis's notebook shows the artists works in process, a collection of fluid sketches of future new creations.

He is Design Director, has a Doctorate of medical science. He is also a professor at the graduate school of engineering at the Osaka University and at the Emeritus of Nagoya City University and part of the Committee of deliberation council of Good Design Award in Japan, the Industrial Design Promotion Organization and is Competent Authority of METI. He has earned international acclaim for his award-winning industrial designs, is constantly seeking new ways to use his diverse knowledge and experience in the service of society. Kawasaki's design knows no limit. He has designed glasses, wheel chairs, computer hardware, CRT and LCD monitors, nuclear power systems, artificial organs and products in multi-dimensional space - among other things. Some of his design works were selected for permanent collections of the art museums around the world.

Job: Designer