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28 Fevereiro 2012

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Moleskine introduces new features, sizes and colors in the Travelling and Writing Collections 2012.

Moleskine continues to express itself beyond notebooks with new bags, colored shells, clipping click pens and fluo highlighiter pencils.

These additions to the Writing and Travelling Collections are designed to be perfectly compatible with each other and with the Moleskine notebooks and planners, composing the analog cloud that accompanies our contemporary mobile living. The new tools of the Moleskine Writing, Reading and Travelling collections will be presented to the public at the New York International Gift Fair , January 28 - February 2, 2012.

Bags and Shells. Black, Orange and Blue.
The Shells are conceived as self-contained kits for mobile living. They come in various formats and can be personalized in dozens of arrangements. Inside the user will find a combination of terry linings, net pockets and - in the large formats - special panels with several elastic bands. They can host Moleskine notebooks, digital devices, pens and pencils, cards, and all sorts of small objects. They can be combined with special detachable add-ons, the Multipurpose Cases. "In case of loss" tag is inside, as in the Moleskine notebooks. Other new 2012 releases in the Travelling Collection include new sizes for the Tote Bag (the new large version), and for the Backpack (small).

Click Pens and Pencils. Words in Motion.
The new Click Roller Pens and Click Pencils join the Moleskine Writing Collection. With their rectangular shape and clip, they can be attached to Moleskine notebooks and planners. Pencils have a refillable 0.7 HB lead, while pens come in a 0.5mm or 0.7mm tip. A set of tools for capturing reality in motion, noting impressions and recording them on paper.

Highlighter Pencil. Fluo color and linden wood.
Fluorescent colored lead pencils made of linden wood. The rectangular shape echoes the shape of the notebook and resembles the traditional carpenters' writing tool. It is made for coloring, underlining and highlighting.

Eraser and sharpener.
The special Moleskine Eraser, of thin rectangular shape, is suitable for detailed erasing and for fitting into the special Pen Holder, an accessory that can be clipped onto the cover of a Moleskine notebook. The specially design Sharpener, with German blade, can be bought together with the pencils or separately.

Worldwide presentation in US, during the Gift Show in New York.

Side event: "Portraits" A evening of interactive portrait-making at Exit Art.

Exit Art
475 10th Ave
New York, NY

Monday, January 30, 2012
from 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM (ET)

The new objects in the Writing and Travelling Collections will be available on the Moleskine Store and on shelves worldwide starting from February 28, 2012.

A video will be available on the Moleskine YouTube and Vimeo channels starting on launch date.

Download full Media Kit with hi-res images here.
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