Celebrating Mickey Mouse through the art of drawing

04 Março 2013

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A video presenting the Moleskine Limited Edition notebooks is released

London, UK-Friday 1st March – In celebration of pop culture icon Mickey Mouse, Moleskine has released a limited edition range of notebooks honouring the art of sketching, drawing and storytelling.

Now, a video presenting the collection is being released to mark the on-shelf launch. Through stop-motion animation it shows how the concept of a simple sketch on paper can evolve into so much more. As the narrative unfolds, the sketching develops into a digital technique, just as Mickey Mouse travelled from page to screen.

First drawn in 1928, Mickey Mouse has become synonymous with adventure, friendship and fun. With a rich heritage steeped in storytelling he has captivated audiences and inspired creative professionals around the world.

The Mickey Mouse Limited Edition notebooks showcase the creative process of drawing Mickey Mouse and his evolution over time. Inside, the flyleaves include instructions such as "Keep his feet blocky and simple" and "Mickey Mouse stands 2 ½ heads tall". A six-page drawing guide is tucked into the inner pocket at the back, providing additional inspiration. Available in two sizes, the notebook's cover features a debossed sketch of Mickey Mouse, designed by a Disney artist especially for this limited-edition range.

The Mickey Mouse Limited Edition is the 9th in a series of notebooks dedicated to cultural icons of our time. Previous editions include; The Hobbit, LEGO, Star Wars, Pac-Man and Woodstock, celebrating originality, innovation and cult status.

The Mickey Mouse Limited Edition notebooks will be available in stores and on the official Moleskine e-store from 1st March 2013.

To request a preview of the video please email silvia.trenta@moleskine.com.

The video will be available on www.moleskine.com/en/news/mickeymouse as well as the Moleskine YouTube and Vimeo channels from 09:00 1st March.

Download the media kit with hi res photos here.

For more information please visit: www.moleskine.com/en/news/limited-edition-draw-with-mickey-mouse

Video credits
Direction, animation and post-production: Gerardo del Hierro
Concept and drawings: Superexpresso
Animation: Hugo García
Modeling: Javiér Leon
Stop-motion camera and lights: Marc Ambrós
Stop-motion: Fernando Dominguez
Mickey Mouse final sketches: Paolo Campinoti
Music: DID - Ask U2 (Instrumental)
Supervision and Production: Svperbe Creative Visionaries - Milano

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