Cinelli and Moleskine ride together with Hobo

15 Janeiro 2014

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Designed by Cinelli for long-haul travelling, the new Bootleg Hobo bicycle comes with a Moleskine add-on: a custom-made notebook. So that Hobo riders can record and share their bicycle travelogues.

Milano, January 15, 2014 - Cinelli, the world famous Italian bicycle manufacturer, and Moleskine,
designer of tools for creativity, partner for an unprecedented travel project: launching on January 15th 2014 the new Cinelli Bootleg Hobo, a bicycle made for long-haul travelling, comes with a custom-made Moleskine notebook, for the Hobo cyclist to capture their inner travelogue.

Moleskine and Cinelli explain the partnership: "The silence, the rustling of the wind, the direct exposure to the environment, the endorphins in your veins. When you ride your inner monologue is dense and uplifting. Then you stop and feel the need to nail down your thoughts on paper. And you take out your notebook."

The name of the bicycle model comes from the story of the Hobos, the legendary American vagabonds of the early XX century whose artistic tendencies and nomadic spirits provide the meeting point for the two brands, who share a passion for travelling and creativity.

"Just like a camera – says Maria Sebregondi, VP of Brand Equity and Communication at Moleskine - a notebook is a tool for registering or mapping your view on the world, in your ordinary and extraordinary journeys. You do it for yourself, and you do it for sharing. People who digitize and share the pages of their notebooks and travel journals engage in a form of analog/digital blogging, a new form of shared intimacy".

The two brands invite Hobo riders to share their resulting inner travelogues using both #bootleghobo and #moleskine on Twitter and Instagram. The images of the people and places they encounter, as well as the sketches, notes, codes and maps they create on the pages of the Moleskine Cinelli notebook, are sure to provide other travellers with inspiration for their own trips.

The notebook cover is decorated with debossed Hobo icons, used to indicate suggestions, opportunities and warnings to fellow travellers. Inside, a selection of cards and pamphlets present the Hobo Biker code and rules, delve into the history of Hobo culture and list the specs of the bicycle itself. A set of Hobo-inspired stickers will let you play with Hobo icons and signs to leave coded messages to other adventurers on the way.

The Moleskine Cinelli notebook comes with every Hobo bicycle and is also available to buy separately on the Moleskine Store.

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