Detour Tokyo 東京

20 Setembro 2009

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A travelling exhibition of Moleskine notebooks donated by 50 international authors. 23 new Japanese authors involved in Tokyo: from manga artist Marmoru Oshii to architect Toyo Ito.

MoMA Design Store - Omotesando
GYRE 3F, 5-10-1 Jingumae

16 October - 4 November
Opening: 15 October, 7 - 9 pm
Press Preview: 15 October 5 - 9 pm

50 notebooks with sketches, drawings, writings and paintings created by international artists, architects, writers, illustrators, film directors, musicians and designers.

Authors: Giuseppe Amato, Jun Aoki, Ron Arad, Junichi Arai, Yves Béhar, Tord Boontje, Fernando & Humberto Campana, Roberto Caracciolo & Luigi Gallo, Aldo Cibic, Moreno Ferrari, Naoto Fukasawa, Laurent Gerber, Emio Greco and & Pieter C. Scholten, Steven Guarnaccia, Martí Guixé, Kenya Hara, Kazunari Hattori, Takashi Homma, Giulio Iacchetti, Toyo Ito, Setsu & Shinobu Ito, Kazuo Kawasaki, Naomi Kawase, Toshiyuki Kita, Shinichiro Kitai, Kengo Kuma, Julia Lohmann, Ross Lovegrove, Kuhen Malvezzi, Antonio Marras, Erina Matsui, Shintaro Miyake, Eiji Miyamoto, Toshiko Mori, Caterina Nelli, Gwenael Nicolas, Ryue Nishizawa, Hans Ulrich Obrist, Mamoru Oshii, Karim Rashid, Karim Said, Oki Sato, Kazuyo Sejima, Giovanni Sollima, Reiko Sudo, Joep van Lieshout, Giorgio Vigna, Massimo Vitali, Tadanori Yokoo, Naoki Yoshimoto.

Curator: Raffaella Guidobono.
Exhibition Design: Zetalab.

Detour is an international Moleskine Srl production, in support of lettera 27 Foundation and in collaboration with Japanese partner Qahwa Ltd.
After stops in London, New York, Paris, Berlin and Istanbul, Detour is now approaching the design and fashion district of Omotesando, Tokyo, from 16 October to 4 November. In this same period the city will be under the spotlight of several design events, attracting a diverse creative crowd from around the world. A new step in a long standing collaboration with Moleskine®, MoMA Design Store will host the exhibition in its Omotesando site, with an intimately illuminated tunnel displaying the artists' decorated notebooks.

A Close View Into The Creative Process.
Detour is a travelling group show featuring decorated notebooks by internationally recognized artists, architects, film directors, graphic designers, musicians, illustrators and writers. Some works contain extensive stories and illustrated narratives, others are turned into sculptures, pieces of contemporary art and design. Visitors are invited to wear special white gloves, insert their hands into the boxes and flick through the notebooks, establishing a direct and intimate relationship with the authors' creative process as it unfolds on the blank pages of a Moleskine notebook.

Detour Supports The Access To Knowledge.
Detour exhibitions support the non-profit lettera27 Foundation. Detour and myDetour authors donate their notebooks to the Foundation, whose mission is to promote the right to literacy, to education and the access to knowledge all over the world and especially in the most deprived areas. lettera27 runs WikiAfrica, a project designed to africanize Wikipedia through networks, research, projects, publications, and events.

Tokyo 東京.
Detour Tokyo will feature 50 notebooks overall. Together with established international authors already presented in past editions, 30 new authors have been involved in the project, 23 of them Japanese, including: Toyo Ito, one of the world's most innovative and influential architects; Mamoru Oshii, manga cartoon artist and film director; Takashi Homma, photographer, with a special taste for suburban life; Erina Matsui, illustrator, painter; Kazuyo Sejima & Ryue NIshizawa, architects of studio Sanaa, who designed the New Museum in NY; Kenya Hara, creative director of Muji. After the opening (15 october), all notebooks will be included in photographs and "flick through videos" on the permanent online gallery.

In this same period Tokyo will be under the spotlight of many design events. Detour Tokyo partners with two of them: Design Tide, an exhibition presenting the best of Tokyo design industry to the world (similar to Milan's Salone del Mobile), and Tokyo Graphic Passport, a four day series of workshops dedicated to young designers. A specially made custom edition will be distributed to key guests of the two events.

MyDetour. A Parallel Project For The Creative Communities.
myDetour is a travelling project that takes place together with Detour exhibitions. It is dedicated to the vast community of Moleskine enthusiasts around the world. People who loves to paint, illustrate, write or create freely on Moleskine notebooks can participate and win the opportunity to have his work displayed as part of the next myDetour exhibition and on the permanent myDetour online gallery.

Those who wish to participate may do so by dropping their decorated notebook in special collecting boxes in 5 centrally located design stores and bookshops in Tokyo, from October 16th to November 4th.

In each store decorated notebooks collected at previous myDetour stops will be on display.

ABC --> Notebooks from myDetour Milan and Rome
CIBONE --> Notebooks from myDetour New York.
SPIRAL RECORDS --> Notebooks from myDetour Paris
NADiff --> notebooks from myDetour Berlin
TSUTAYA --> notebooks from myDetour Istanbul

All the notebooks submitted will permanently join the lettera27 archive. The ten most innovative notebooks selected by the jury will travel and be exhibited at the next myDetour event.

Hi res images of all decorated notebooks available on request.
For more Moleskine and Detour images and details visit the Press Area.

Press contacts:
Daily Press (Tokyo)
+81 (0)3-5771-7277

Moleskine Srl (Milan)
+39 02 4344 981

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Raffaella Guidobono, curator.

Raffaella Guidobono is the curator of the Detour exhibition project. She is working as a visiting professor at the Isufi and Domus Academy in Italy. She has widely shown throughout Europe and the US, in cooperation with foreign Embassies, Art Foundations and Galleries. She lives between Italy and Latin America.

Zetalab, exhibition designer.
Zetalab designed the Detour and myDetour exhibition system, as well as all graphics and videos.

Based in Milan, Zetalab is a brand and communication design agency that develops successful projects for companies, products and institutions. Some of its members are active in teaching in Italian universities and design schools.