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17 Julho 2014

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The new Voyageur notebook from Moleskine

Moleskine introduces a new notebook format designed to fulfill the needs of a modern traveller in a digital age.

The pleasure of things
Retaining the classic elements of a Moleskine notebook including rounded corners, ivory-coloured pages and elastic closure, for the first time in the brand's history the Voyageur notebook introduces a canvas cover and a brand new size for maximum comfort: smaller than a large, slightly bigger than a pocket, the new format makes the most of its tangibility and the pleasure which comes from holding physical objects and taking notes by hand.

Staying connected
The Voyageur notebook occupies an important place within the various elements of trip planning and travelling which occur online. Logging onto the Moleskine MSK tool allows users to print pages from any URL in Voyageur dimensions, complete with rounded corners to paste into the notebook; particularly useful for hotel and flight confirmations. The back pocket perfectly holds a folded piece of A4 or letter paper. Whilst the Voyageur contains detachable lists, additional page templates can be downloaded free from myMoleskine if needed.

Sharing experiences
The back of the paperband has been designed as a selfie prop, a declaration that "I am here," wherever that may be. Travellers are invited to share photos taken with the paperband on social using the #m_iamhere hashtag, teasing their friends and playing with different locations. Instagram users will find the dotted pages in the notebook make a useful grid for taking straight shots of sketches or handwritten messages. Plain and ruled pages are also included.

Mapping memories
A world map inside the notebook lets travellers plot their globe-trotting lifestyles as they go; they can also check in to the Moleskine around the world map on Flickr to join fellow Voyageurs in other countries.

Maria Sebregondi, VP of Brand Equity and Communication, says,
"Our philosophy has always centered on the concept of "shared intimacy", embodied in the snapshots of notebooks which Moleskine fans have been posting online since the beginning. With the Voyageur notebook, we meet the contemporary nomad in their "alone togetherness", crossing the line between public and private, on and offline."

Merging analog and digital on the road
The Voyageur notebook affirms not only the continued usefulness of a paper companion on a trip, but the added value it can bring to the modern travelling experience.


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The Moleskine Voyageur launches worldwide on Tuesday 15th July.

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