Moleskine first concept store opens in Beijing’s Sanlitun Taikoo Li

16 Julho 2013

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Beijing, July 2013 – Moleskine is very happy to announce the opening of its first global concept store in Beijing. The project has been designed to provide a unique brand experience that unfolds and evolves over time, providing a place of gathering and expression for all Moleskine fans in Beijing and in China. The venue chosen for this very special retail project is Sanlitun Taikoo Li, a unique shopping area which has always been synonymous with the latest and edgiest trends from the fashion, design and architecture world.
“We are very excited about this partnership with Moleskine, a brand which we have always admired for its heritage, as well as its creative and innovative vision. We are sure that its presence inside Taikoo Li will enrich greatly the shopping environment by bringing in a meaningful cultural experience which Swire Groups has always been committed to promote” GM Swire China.

The filling is you: an open platform for stories telling
The concept developed for this project wants to be a place for a holistic experience of the brand.
Using the existing Moleskine retail store as a basis, the objective was to envision an innovative concept that integrates two main components: a retail area and an experience area. The experience area is a multi-functional space where Moleskine public can enjoy the brand and express itself. The experience area includes an exhibition space and a workshop-interaction space where interactive events are hosted.
The retail and experience areas have been conceived in a way that they can enrich and complement each other so that the store can be a place where the brand can be fully expressed not only through its products and services, but also through its signature brand events, initiatives and manifestations.
Moleskine store is like a “blank page” where the story is written by the passage of people, events, activities, exhibitions. It will provide a platform to tell the story of Moleskine brand and of all the people who want to be part of our story.

The exhibition space
Moleskine concept store will feature a unique exhibition area to host Moleskine signature events and any other creative projects to celebrate local and international creativity. As expressed in its design statement, the store will be a place for self-expression for the Chinese community which will be encouraged to share their creative ideas through our platforms.

The workshop/interactive space
Moleskine brand is about sharing and inclusiveness and we want the same values to be expressed in this concept store.  For this reason, the venue will provide various opportunities of interaction with our fans, where people can share their Moleskine stories and where Moleskine authors can perform and interact with the visitors through workshops and various creative events formats.

Moleskine Sanlitun Taikoo Li Store Opening
Date: 15 July 2013
Venue: Sanlitun Taikoo Li, Beijing, China

About Moleskine
Moleskine was created as a brand in 1997, bringing back to life the legendary notebook used by artists and thinkers over the past two centuries: among them Vincent van Gogh, Pablo Picasso, Ernest Hemingway, and Bruce Chatwin. A trusted and handy travel companion, the nameless black notebook held invaluable sketches, notes, stories, and ideas that would one day become famous paintings or the pages of beloved books.
Today, Moleskine is synonymous with a set of indispensable creative tools that help define who we are, identifying us wherever we are in the world. The notebooks, journals, bags and reading accessories have become a symbol of latter-day nomadism, and they are intimately tied to the digital world. Flexible and brilliantly simple tools for use in both every day and extraordinary circumstances, they ultimately form an integral part of our personality.

About Sanlitun Taikoo Li
A low-density complex comprising retail space and a hotel, Taikoo Li Sanlitun in Chaoyang District, Beijing is Swire’s first completed investment project in Mainland China and our vision of the vibe of the capital.
Designed by a group of world-renowned architects lead by The Oval Partnership, Taikoo Li Sanlitun has an innovative open plan architecture inspired by the concept of courtyards and hutongs in China. Taikoo Li Sanlitun offers over 240 shops and restaurants, including flagship stores and lifestyle brands, and a wide range of regional and international cuisine, creating a unique shopping and dining experience rarely found in Beijing.
Located within Taikoo Li Sanlitun is The Opposite House, a 99-room luxury hotel fully owned by Swire Properties.