Moleskine launches myCloud Bags and Wallets

11 Março 2014

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Containers defined by their contents.

Moleskine expands its Travelling Collection with the release of a new line of bags and wallets specially conceived for creativity and productivity on the move.

Designed with their contents in mind, the new containers are defined by what they carry. Maria Sebregondi, VP of Brand Equity and Communications at Moleskine, explains this concept:

"Every time we pack our bag for the day ahead it's like crafting an identity to show to others. Our bags contain our innermost thoughts and ideas. The things inside – belongings, projects in progress, digital devices that connect to our online selves – help us to express ourselves. Together they make up the analog cloud of objects that defines us."

Carry, connect and share.
Each item in the myCloud Series contains a link to My Analog Cloud, an online game that plays with a selection of objects, values and containers to generate personal profiles based on the user's choices to share on social or print out and carry. The video, directed by Sterven Jonger, explores the different possibilities.

myCloud Bags.
Every detail of the models; Messenger, Backpack, Tote, Reporter and Shoulder bag; has been designed to carry and protect the contents. The exterior recalls Moleskine notebooks with an elastic band and minimal aesthetic. Adjustable shoulder straps give a better fit, with shoulder pads and concealable waist straps offering extra comfort. Metal snap-hooks and eyelets as well as exterior pockets give quick access to important tools. Meanwhile the interior comprises a variety of compartments, loops and pockets specifically designed to fit essential on-the-road items, with a coloured lining to ease finding things in a rush.
Available in Payne's Grey and Khaki Beige (Tote and Reporter bags only). Collapsible shopping bag also included.

myCloud Wallets.
The rounded rectangle with elastic band takes on the function of a wallet, carrying not just notes and ideas but everyday essentials in a two-tone colourway.
Choose the Double Wallet for its two compartments and dual closure, the Zip Wallet for keeping control over coins and trinkets, the Passport Wallet for staying super organized on the road, the Horizontal Wallet for its reversible format and the Smart Wallet for its exterior card  slots and back pocket.
Available in Payne's Grey and Khaki Beige (Double and Zip wallets only).

The myCloud Collection, video and My Analog Cloud game will be launching at on March 10th.

Download the media kit here.

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