Moleskine For Beijing

01 Junho 2008

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Your guide to the City of the Olympic Games.
Moleskine City Notebook: a special guide for you or for your friends. Addressed to travellers, for tourism or for work, who want to organize their trip and keep memories of it, and to the citizens, who wants to organize the information about the city they live in.

Moleskine City Notebook, the first guide you write yourself, adds Beijing to the collection.

Moleskine City Notebook Beijing.
The map of the city, of the metro, the plain pages and a special extractible insert dedicated to the Olympic Games area: to guide you through the Olympic village, to find the places where the sport events will take place. The street map includes the indications both in Latin alphabet and in Chinese alphabet, as well as the index of the stadiums and of the athletic centres where the main events will take place, divided by Olympic events: archery, hockey, tennis, swimming,...Also, a useful calendar of the month of August in which to note the events and appointments that you want to follow.

Moleskine City Notebook: the ideal partner for all the city travellers, occasional or habitual, who live the cities for tourism, work or culture and for the natives, discovering new city life styles. To connect to the city, organize a trip, collect information, news, internet addresses before the departure. To take notes, afterthoughts, impressions, places, meetings, adventures, dreams. To recall the experience in every moment, linger on the memories, to exchange the information for the next trip, real or virtual.

Moleskine City Notebook connects to the web, through Hmoleskine.comH and its net of Hcity blogsH, representing a space open to free participation, a meeting point for the city users, travellers and citizens, a personal place, promoting ideas and emotions, generating links with ever-changing reality, connected to the main personal themes of the brand: culture, creativity, writing and nomadism.

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