New Moleskine App, new concepts for digital device covers

30 Agosto 2012

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Berlin, August 31, 2012 - Moleskine partners with Samsung for a new note-taking, planning, and drawing application. The Moleskine Journal app will be available for the next generation of Samsung Note Phone and Tablet, starting from October 2012. The partnership is presented in worldwide preview at IFA Berlin, August 31 - Sept 5, 2012, the most prominent technology fair in Europe. Created with input by a team of artists, designers and other Moleskine enthusiasts, the Moleskine Journal app is designed for integrating note-taking, drawing, and writing functions, just as you would in a paper notebook.
Together with the new app, prototype and concepts of Covers for Samsung are also presented at IFA Berlin, as a global preview. It is a new experiment in the same direction Moleskine has long been pursuing - with covers already designed for the iPhone, iPad, Kindle, and Kobo, together with the whole range of Moleskine Shells.
Moleskine: an analog icon that flourishes in a digital environment
The Moleskine Journal App has come as a natural development for a design brand devoted to the creation of blank pages and open platforms for creativity, tools for writing, for reading, for cultural enjoyment and mobile living. Moleskine notebooks are the heirs of the little black notebooks favoured by the great avant-garde artists and thinkers of the past, people who shunned academia and wanted to create freely while in the streets, in cafés, while travelling. There is a strong continuity between these people and the creative populations of today who live and travel in the global cities.
Starting from the iconic notebooks, Moleskine has developed today into a design brand devoted to a variety of tools for creativity and mobile living: bags, pens, pencils, cases, covers, reading glasses, reading lights and stands.
All are designed to be complementary to the notebooks, with analog add-ons, clips,  straps, pockets that allow to connect all objects with the notebook, composing an analog/digital cloud of objects for our mobile identities.
Moleskine believes in continuity between the analog and digital realms. In our dayto-day life all of us use both paper and digital tools depending on the situations and tasks. We all navigate a analog/digital continuum, and the more we get digital and the more we feel the need for analog tools to elaborate and momentarily log off from the continuous information flow.
The Moleskine Journal app. Your ideas everywhere.
The all-new digital Moleskine journal features the attributes you cherish most in  Moleskine tools: simplicity and elegance.
Tap the familiar cover to enter your journal and access an array of tools and templates for productivity and creativity: paintbrushes, pencils, pens and erasers, three paper  styles (plain, ruled, squared), and page templates from some of the most popular  Moleskine journals, including the Weekly Planner, Passion Recipe Journal and  Storyboard Notebook. The traditional ivory-color Moleskine pages invite you to make your own art. With the rollerball pen's fluid ink action and paintbrush's watercolor sensitivity you can express aesthetic ideas with delicacy and precision. Marking tools include graphite pencils, colored pencils, and highlighters. A full-spectrum color selector and scale slider adjusts color, opacity and weight, from fine sketch line to bold brush stroke. Scissors are there to cut out beautiful motifs for collage or simply to paste where you like. You can save clippings in the iconic Moleskine inner pocket.  The inner pocket also lets you keep your own image library with its built-in  camera, and stores snippets of text as well as images. Drag and drop items from the pocket into any journal and edit on the page as much as you like. Writing features allow you to customize fonts, font color, and font size on-the-fly. Copy,  delete, move, rotate, pinch/spread to resize, or send snippets to your ‘inner pocket.' Use an image or two to illustrate your words. Want a bird's-eye overview of your work? Unique to the Moleskine digital journal is the double-page spread in landscape mode. You can work in this mode, and even draw across the spine.  Spread to zoom back to single-page landscape mode, or rotate device for portrait mode. Access and edit all your pages at once in the thumbnail menu: rearrange, bookmark, add, delete, or choose a favorite page to emblazon the cover of your journal. 
Stock your library's modern bookshelf with your customized journal covers.
Other Moleskine analog digital connections.
The new Moleskine Journal App for Samsung is the Android version of the existing Moleskine Journal App for iOS, available on the App Store. The aim of Moleskine Digital to help Moleskine user go full circle, from analog to digital, and from digital back to analog. Other initiatives include:
  • myMoleskine gallery. Thousands of people all over the world create on Moleskine notebooks and spontaneously scan and upload them on blogs and social networks. To them Moleskine also offers the myMoleskine platform, on the newly redesigned website. Here anyone can upload and share the scans. A special section of the website is dedicated to Moleskine hackers, users who love to play with Moleskine notebooks and create new analog/digital hybrids. These hacks can be done for purely functional reasons (creating tabs, changing page layouts, etc) and/or they can be more artistically inclined. Moleskine users and hackers share their own creations/performance on YouTube and Vimeo. Moleskine has a dedicated area and gallery on the myMoleskine area.
  • MSK templates are downloadable sheets that you can use to customize your notebook layout. In this section you can also find original paper toys to print, cut, glue and play with.
  • Evernote Smart Notebook, a special notebook developed in partnership with Evernote, that makes it possible to synch your paper notebook with your smart phone, through special smart stickers.
  • These initiatives go along the ever-growing Moleskine online presence, with thousands of videos, galleries, stories, mostly organic. More initiatives to be announced soon.
Download the Samsung Media Kit from here
Moleskine Journal app for Samsung
and Moleskine Samsung Cover.
Worldwide preview.
Berlin, August 31– Sept 5, 2012
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