Surprisingly Paper: The Moleskine Art Plus Collection

18 Fevereiro 2014

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A new video explores where creativity can take us.

The Moleskine Art Plus collection is released, bringing a variety of specialised paper formats specifically designed for the artistic professions to the ivory-coloured pages and rounded corners of the classic notebooks.

Most notable is the brand new Sketch Album; a lightweight, portable format ideal for sketching on the go thanks to its cardboard cover and sketch-grade paper inside. With 88 detachable pages (72 in pocket size), sketches can be shared and framed easily, while its Squared format makes images Instagram-ready with no cropping needed.

With 25 different formats to choose from, each notebook in the collection varies according to paper weight and absorbency, as well as dimensions, cover material and page layout. Regardless of technique, profession or medium, there is a tool for every creative need.  Those who work primarily with dry media will find the Sketchbook and Japanese Album paper most suitable, which is pigmented directly in the pulp to guarantee colour stability and resistance. For wetter media, the cotton contained in the cold-pressed Watercolour Album paper ensures absorbency on both sides of the page. And for altogether darker souls, the Black Page Album with its heavy paper weight is made to house collages and photographs.

Special page layouts feature in the Music notebook, which contains staffs ready to be completed with harmonies, melodies and musical ideas, as well as the Storyboard notebook, a format consisting of frames ideal for videomakers, film professionals and advertising directors. The B-sides of the paperband packaging feature useful measures for line weights and angles.

The video will launch on on 18th February, exploring the infinite possibilities of creativity on and off the page.

What is your art form?
Whether you are a sketcher, videomaker, composer or photographer, post your #M_artcollection creations to the myMoleskine community online. Comment and vote on other artworks, videos, images and designs and take part in the bi-weekly #CreativityChallenge for the chance to win a special Moleskine package of Limited Editions, collectors' items and even more tools for infinite creativity.

Available on the Moleskine Store and in selected bookstores, design shops and art suppliers worldwide starting from 18th February.

Under strict embargo until 18th February.

Download the media kit here.

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Paper and item guide.

70 g/m² - 47 lb paper


The classic, ivory-coloured Moleskine notebook paper, suitable for dry media, pencils, ballpoint pens.
Items: Music Notebook

100 g/m² - 68 lb paper


A heavier version of the notebook paper. Appropriate for fountain pens and dry media, pencils, charcoal, pastels.
Items: A3 Plain Book

120 g/m² - 81 lb
sketch-grade paper

Smooth, ivory-coloured paper. Ideal for sketching and drawing with pencils, charcoal, fountain pens, markers.
Items: Sketch Album

165 g/m² - 111 lb
sketch-grade paper

Pigmented directly in the pulp itself, this paper guarantees colour stability and resistance to eraser and marker use. It supports all dry media, pencils, pastels, charcoal, fountain pens and markers.
Items: Sketchbook, Japanese Album, Storyboard Notebook

200 g/m² - 135 lb
watercolour paper

Cold-pressed watercolour paper with cotton for better water absorption on both sides of the page. Created exclusively for Moleskine, it is suitable for watercolour washes and supports large quantities of water.
Items: Watercolour Album

200 g/m² - 135 lb
black paper

This multimedia paper makes the perfect base for photos, scrapbooking and collages, as well as drawings with bright-coloured pencils, pastels, gel pens and Moleskine fluorescent and metallic inks.
Items: Black Page Album, Black Page Japanese Album