0.00 Night

000night490.jpg0.00 Night 0.00 Night was born during one sleepless working night. Zeropuntozerozero was looking for an alternative way to publish a special series of Renato D'Agostin's color pictures. Images of a surreal and mysterious New York in the dark. A Moleskine notebook on the desk, the perfect support for a journey into the abyss of night. But something was missing. They were missing people, their observations, feelings, memories. So they decided to ask as many people as they knew personally the same question:

What is Night for you?
Nothing was mentioned about the project in order to have a pure and immediate reaction to the word Night. The only request was to answer in their mother language. Responses flowed in and going through more than two hundred personal answers was an intimate and meaningful experience, a fascinating voyage through the diverse, obscure and shining darkness of the night.
In one year , Zeropuntozerozero received and collected responses from all over the world. And thanks to all those "nights," the 0.00 Night notebook was created. 



This custom 0.00 Moleskine was designed to be experienced by people. Some pages have been left blank pages for your thoughts, your signs, your night.

Zeropuntozerozero is a multidisciplinary independent publishing house founded in 2006 by Olivia Fincato with the collaboration of the photographer Renato D'Agostin focusing on culture, art and photography editorial projects.