Press Update #2: The New Passions

02 Dezember 2009

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1. The New Moleskine Passions. Journals for the Loves of Your Life.
2. White & Colors.

1. The New Moleskine Passions. Journals for the Loves of Your Life (launch in January 2010).
Moleskine introduces a new set of themed Journals, for Recipes, Films, Books, Wine, Music, Wellness, designed for people who love to organize information about their own cultural passions, and who want to do it neatly and with elegance. See attached press release. Download hi res photos from Moleskine Press Reserved Area. You can login here:

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Passions videos will be available in January 2010 on the Moleskine Youtube Channel:

2. White & Colors on
For the first time in the brand's history, a Moleskine notebook completely white, white hard cover, white elastic band, blank ruled pages. Created for YOOX.COM in limited edition, available only at YOOX.COM together with a selection of colorful special editions:

  • The Hand of the Architect, a book collecting color drawings by internationally renowned architects, celebrating the enduring importance of hand drawing in the AutoCAD era. Bound as in a Moleskine Folio A4 album. A non profit project supporting FAI (the Italian National Trust). More details:

  • Young Guns. The Undiscovered Letter. 27 graphic designers and visual artists create their interpretation of the 27th letter in the alphabet, the missing letter, the letter which is not yet. An inspiring book, for graphic design lovers. A project in support of lettera27 Foundation, a non profit organization campaigning for the right to literacy and the access to information in the world's most deprived areas.
    Images and details:
    White Notebook, Hand of the Architect, Undiscovered Letter and other collections are available on

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