Moleskine, Your Universe: a live painting performance

Street art, which originated as an underground movement of youthful protest, is no longer considered a marginal form of artistic expression but has invaded today's cultural scene – from advertising, to fashion, film and music. As a maker of tools for creativity and self-expression, Moleskine embraces the multifaceted nature of urban art movements that range from graffiti to stencil art and pop-surrealism. Which is why we are excited to present a special live event taking place on May 20 in Rome.


Photo credit: JBRock, Cross the Streets exhibition, photos by Simon d'Exéa

Italian street artist JBRock is one of the best known writers in Rome. During a live performance he will paint a mural on a 13 x 2 meter wall made up of 960 Moleskine notebooks entitled Moleskine, Your Universe. Moleskine notebooks are regarded by many street artists as an essential tool of their trade and this work of art pays homage to the brand that created them.

Members of the public will be able to purchase the individual notebooks that make up the wall, not only becoming the shared owners of this piece of art but also contributing to a charitable cause as all proceeds will go to ARTEinMENTE, a local charity using art therapy to work with adolescents. Each notebook will be marked with a digital Vericode Tag to certify authenticity and proprietorship and to enable future recreations of the artwork around the world. 

JBRock was born in Rome in 1979 and is credited with having initiated an era of poster and stencil art in Italy. He believes that "every human being needs to find the journey written in their DNA – life's struggle is being able to find it and recognize it".

The creation of the Moleskine, Your Universe artwork is taking place in the context of an exhibition dedicated to street art called Cross the Streets that aims to express the power of this complex and fascinating movement, highlighting its pioneers and its influence on daily life. Cross the Streets is being hosted by the Museum of Contemporary Art in Rome until October 1, 2017.

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