FiftyThree ♥ Moleskine

FiftyThree Moleskine Book
Your digital drawings can now be brought to a Moleskine notebook at the touch of a button with new initiative Book
If you use Paper by FiftyThree, digital drawings created on your iPad can be printed on the pages of a Moleskine notebook. Just press the print button right from within the app and your sketches, notes and ideas will be brought to life in the first Moleskine notebook to match the 4:3 ratio of the iPad screen. Within a couple of weeks you'll receive your Book: analog-digital ideas on 15 pages of accordion-folded, sustainable matte ivory-coloured paper, with elastic closure and your own custom cover or the classic black.
FiftyThree Moleskine Book  FiftyThree Moleskine Book
No need to keep your analog and digital worlds separate. Book lets you break down that old frontier and bring your creativity full circle. The beauty of your digital creations joins the simplicity of the Moleskine plain for ideas that fly off the page.
FiftyThree Moleskine Book  FiftyThree Moleskine Book
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