Red Bull Doodle Art & Moleskine: Share your doodles with the world

Daydreaming and doodling go hand in hand. While the mind drifts from idea to fancy, the hand idly picks up a writing instrument and starts to scribble.

A pastime enjoyed by anyone, doodling is an art that gets a lot of practice at school as a way to get through a long winded lesson or to help focus the mind and avoid distractions. But it also produces surprisingly well crafted and meaningful illustrations. Which is why every Red Bull is launching its Doodle Art competition for the third year running to single out the best doodle-art by university students around the world.

As every doodler knows, picking up a pen or a pencil is only half the story – the ivory pages of Moleskine notebooks are the perfect doodling companions which is why we are excited about our partnership with Red Bull Doodle Art. The winner of the competition in Italy has recently been nominated during an event at the Moleskine Café.

Wild card opportunity to fly away with your doodle! Join our Creativity Challenge for an extra chance to join the worldwide Red Bull Doodle Art competition! The winner of the #RedBullDoodleArt creativity challenge will be selected as a wild card entry to join the official Red Bull Doodle Art finals. To enter download and print the Red Bull Doodle Art template here, doodle on it and take a photo of your work, then upload it on #myMoleskine using the tag #RedBullDoodleArt. Once you are done with the upload, invite your friends to rate your doodle! Find all the details here

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