Moleskine Tool Belt

Moleskine Tool Belt
The Moleskine notebook has never been just that; its simplicity has made it a target for hackers since its beginnings as our fans have tried everything to turn it into their perfect tool. Adding, removing, slicing and sticking has led to some inventive creations over the years. Since then we've brought out the attachable pen holder as well as our own collection of pens and pencils which clip to the side of the cover. Now we're coming out with our very own lifehack; we've called it the Moleskine Tool Belt
Moleskine Tool Belt
Inspired by carpenters, architects and plein-air artists who attach their toolkits to their waists and exclusive to the Moleskine Store, the Tool Belt is designed to attach to the cover of a Moleskine notebook. It consists of several compartments for pens, devices or reading glasses. Insert the objects that follow you around the office, studio or around town, so you don't drop anything important and lose your ideas when you're on the move. 
We envision the Tool Belt as a crucial element in the analog cloud we're building: all of our objects are part of the same family, designed as they are to complement each other not just in form but also in function. That is, enabling you to be more creative and more productive
Moleskine Tool Belt  Moleskine Tool Belt
We've imagined a few surreal uses too, for those who simply want to decorate their notebook and bring some joy to their portable workspace. Use the Tool Belt the way you want to; reinvent, reimagine and reinterpret your Moleskine notebook. 
Choose from Grey or Beige. Available exclusively on the Moleskine Store.

Print in MSK format