Notes for the Future

Notes for the Future Politecnico Moleskine
How will we take notes in the future?  
Never before have we had so many options when needing to jot down an idea. And never before has idea generation been as vital as it is now in our advanced industrial societies. How do we deal with all these various platforms? Does our brain respond differently to each tool? What is the right mix of digital and paper, visuals and texts? And are we heading towards a new era where analog and digital tools will merge and converge?
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Notes for the Future
Roundtable discussion
Celebrating 150 years of the Politecnico di Milano
Triennale di Milano | 4th December 2013 | 14:30 – 18:30
Provocations by:
Luca Barcellona, calligrapher
Giuseppina Panza di Biumo, art collector and curator of Panza di Biumo
Paolo Paolini, professor at Politecnico di Milano 
Frank Rose, writer and journalist
Maria Sebregondi, VP of brand equity & communication at Moleskine
Giuliano Torrengo, professor at Università Statale di Milano
Mark Vanderbeeken, blogger, strategic communication expert
Mirta Vernice, researcher at Università Bicocca
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