Good 50x70 Anthology

Tamaño (pulgadas): 8 1/4'' x 11 3/4 ''
Tamaño (cm): 21 x 29.7
ISBN 13: 978-88-6613-897-6


A social communication project presented through 930 posters by graphic artists from around the world on subjects such as global warming, human rights, sexually transmitted diseases and other important social issues created for various NGOs, charities, institutions and social volunteering organizations, including Amref, Amnesty International and Greenpeace, collected by the Cultural Association Good Design.
This anthology tells the history of the project - started in 2007 - through selected posters by an international jury of renowned graphic designers including Massimo Vignelli and Alain Le Quernec, together with original texts and an illustrated account of the initiative.
A reference book for whoever searches a source for the communication of their social causes, backed up by an online database with all 10,000 entries and an inspiration for graphic studios and young graphic designers.
A true celebration of the poster, as an iconic media of communication.