Diary Art Barcelona

06 juillet 2010

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The next group exhibition programmed at Terminal B is dedicated to illustrated pieces of art in diaries and notebooks.

Several members of the collective reveal their most intimate work made with various techniques and styles.

The Diary Art project organized by Fostering Arts and Design Barcelona (FAD) has the aim of approaching a manner of creation that owing to its intimate and personal characteristics is seldom visible to a mainstream audience: the work on illustrated diaries and notebooks.

Different activities are structured around an exhibition that shows a new sample of work in an unconventional and artistic medium that remains quite unknown. A unique opportunity to discover a form of intimate and spontaneous creation that never gets to be displayed.

Many artists (illustrators, designers, poets and artists from many other fields) will always carry with them a small notepad and write down an outline idea, phrase or image that arises at a precise moment of inspiration, a story to be remembered through an artistic impulse. Very often the results are much more than simple sketches.

The works are finished, unique and unrepeatable, original pieces that can't be separated from the notebook where they are contained. Discover them all and capture your own inspiration through Diary Art/ Moleskine by FAD, a project connected with Terminal B (the Barcelona Creative Database - www.terminalb.org).

From October 7th until October 21st at FAD.
Terminal B is supported by the Culture and Media Department of the Generalitat de Catalunya.

Provisional authors list (sample):

1. Lapin
2. Klas Ernflo
3. Victor Jimenez
4. Nacho Valgañón
5. VIctor Apezteguia
6. Martin Swasky
7. Sagar
8. Jenny Adam
9. Xavi Solsona
10. Alvaro Pascual
11. Gustavo Berocan
12. Nil Bartolozzi
13. Maria Padilla
14. Daniel Thomàs