kapok490.jpgKapok is not just a tree found throughout the tropics, or the lightest natural fiber in the world, and therefore something very versatile.

Kapok is also a business, located in Hong Kong, where one finds interesting objects. To say that it is a design store, or a music store, is not enough. It is a place that chooses, that gathers, and that makes available, the brands that combine creativity with style, and use with design.

Kapok is a small, active, young enterprise which consequently always has an eye out for products from companies that have the same characteristics, whether they be found in Hong Kong or elsewhere.

On the occasion of a complete restyling of its coordinated image, Kapok decided to produce something special in cooperation with Moleskine. It is a limited edition notebook with which to welcome its guests, a unique gift that would also communicate the Kapok philosophy. The notebook is customized with a work by Hanson Ho (www.h55studio.com), one of the most promising young designers in Singapore. The logo, in which the kapok tree becomes a graphic element, is versatile and modern. It appears on the paper band as well as on the cover, coming together in an elegant superimposition.

For further info: http://www.ka-pok.com