We create limited-edition projects in collaboration with the world's leading cultural institutions, universities, and companies, as well as various entrepreneurial and social initiatives.

With offices in Milan, New York and Hong Kong, the Custom Editions and Publishing team partners with groups in various countries to produce notebooks that act as a platform for communication and as a vehicle for communicating distinct messages.

Les Airelles


Identity, imagination, movement, memory and unique experiences:
Moleskine is a brand that expresses values and lifestyle, both classic and contemporary. By sharing these elements with similarly-minded organizations and articulating the intersection between our common values, Moleskine can be instrumental in satisfying all of our clients' and partners' communications needs. From notebooks to albums, agendas and diaries, to travel guides for various cities, the extensive assortment of Moleskine products provides a platform for a wide array of communications projects.
Special and limited editions of art catalogues complete the Moleskine assortment available for companies, institutions and museums.
There are several possibilities for the personalization of your books. By using different techniques, including dry and hot printing or silkscreen, we are able to help create products dedicated to a particular event or circumstance.


The demand for the use of Moleskine products within the corporate world internationally is growing at a steady rate. Moleskine regularly works with corporate partners to produce customized and special editions of our products. As a result, Moleskine has developed the following guidelines for working with partners that are consistent with our corporate values.

In general, Moleskine does not partner with companies who engage in the following activities:

- Politically sensitive areas: Moleskine will not work with companies and organizations whose partnership would imply endorsement of a political position or polarizing social issue. This includes political parties and organizations on either side of the debate regarding the use of tobacco, gambling, firearms and certain pharmacological products.
- Companies that engage in illegal activities: Moleskine will not work with companies and organizations that have been convicted of engaging in or abetting illegal activities, such as pornography, drug use, environmental damage, corruption and significant discrimination on the bases of race, gender, political belief and religious creed.

In all cases, Moleskine reserves the right to review and reject all proposed partnerships.

MOLESKINE is a trademark registered by Moleskine SpA. The selling of personalized Moleskine products with logos or other communications from other companies does not authorize these companies themselves to make use of the Moleskine brand. It is illegal to customize Moleskine products without the Moleskine headquarters approval. Any communication by the company concerning or involving Moleskine will have to be approved both in terms of form and media utilized and cannot include the use of our logo for purposes of publicity.