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The Hand of the Architect The Hand of the Designer

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The Hand of the Architect  The Hand of the Architect

Is the hand of the architect, the sketch, useful in a CAD age?

Two essential tools for architects are brought together. The pencil and paper method meets the tablet in The Hand of the Architect for iOS and Android. 

Originally a published volume, The Hand of the Architect brings together 378 sketches and drawings from 110 internationally renowned architects, such as Zaha Hadid, Norman Foster and Renzo Piano, showing that every project always begins by hand.

From initial ideas to developed concepts, hand-drawn sketches are supported by essays and biographies. All the images are retina display compatible and shareable, with the smallest details enlargeable. Lay your sketchbook out next to it; fill its blank pages with studies, free designs and notes. 

All the featured works have been collected by FAI (Italian National Trust) to raise funds for the restoration of Piero Portaluppi's Villa Necchi, a 1930s architectural masterpiece in Milan. For every app sold, Moleskine will make a donation to FAI.




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The Hand of the Designer  The Hand of the Designer

A collection of 450 works representing the broad universe of contemporary design and its most dynamic moment: the creative conception.

Artifacts that recognize the designers' ability to think and document their ideas, notes for future concepts that may someday evolve into products, presented here along with essays, captions and the biographies of the designers. 

The perfect companion to the acclaimed "The Hand of the Architect" book and APP (also available in the APP Store). These works were gathered by FAI (Italian National Trust) into an exhibition called The Hand of The Designer and subsequently auctioned to raise funds for its restoring and keeping activities. 

The selection includes works from Ross Lovegrove, Enzo Mari, Marco Acerbis, Cini Boeri, Botta, Aldo Cibic, Alberto Meda, Alessandro Mendini, Matteo Thun, Micheal Graves, Martì Guixè Lovegrove, Ora-Ïto, Karim Rashid and many more. 

For each App sold, Moleskine will make a donation to FAI.


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