The Hand of the Architect

la-mano-dell-architettobis_web490.jpg The initiative starts with a question asked by Matteo Schubert of Alterstudio Partners, Milano: the hand of the architect, the sketch, is it still useful in a CAD era?

More than 100 internationally recognized architects answered by sending to FAI hundreds of hand drawn works, revealing that sometimes the hand is faster than the computer. An exhibition was organized by FAI- Fondo Ambiente Italiano- called "The Hand of the Architect" with 378 autographed drawings, donated to FAI by their authors as a tribute to Piero Portaluppi, the Milanese architect who designed Villa Necchi Campiglio, beautifully restored and opened to the public by FAI.

felipe_assadi.jpg gae_aulenti.jpg mario_botta.jpg aldo_cibic.jpg massimiliano_fuksas.jpg michael_graves.gif vittorio_gregotti.jpg zaha_hadid.jpg alessandro_mendini.jpg renzo_piano.jpg paolo_portoghesi.jpg matteo_thun.jpg

Moleskine has designed the catalogue in collaboration with Abitare Mgazine: it includes all the sketches, as well as biographies and texts from designers, historians and art dealers. The catalogue, a 228 page Moleskine Folio notebook in A4 format is accompanied by a 120 blank page Cahier to be sketched through and through.

After the exhibition, the works were auctioned and all proceeds went to Villa Necchi Campiglio's restoration and upkeep.


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