The Jury's Selection

Re-invent your notebook and join the worldwide myDetour project.

mydetour myDetour will make its stop in the San Francisco / Bay Area from September 10 to October 1. Throughout this period, Moleskine users are invited to submit their own Moleskine creations in special drop boxes to be found in seven participating bookstores and art supply stores in the San Francisco area in order to contribute to the travelling project of myDetour.

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myDetour Sfo - The Opening

With previous stops in New York, Paris, Berlin, Milan and Istanbul, myDetour brings along- together with the drop boxes - a collection of sketches, writings and drawings created by visual artists, writers, designers, creative people of all sorts from past myDetour editions around the world. The San Francisco edition follows the creative theme of District of You, a tribute to familiar places and an invitation to find the extraordinary side of your ordinary surroundings.

The next myDetour stop will be in Tokyo, 16 oct - 4 nov


Where to find

mydetour_sfo_190_2.gifmyDetour SF takes place at:

msk_logo_33.gifPrint the myDetour program in MSK format and stick it on your notebook


Partnership with 826 Valencia


myDetour San Francisco is proud to partner with 826 Valencia, an organization committed to developing writing skills among young people. 826 Valencia students were equipped with Moleskine notebooks and encouraged to channel their ideas into these blank pages. Some of their works will be displayed alongside notebooks from around the world in the myDetour San Francisco seven locations. For more information on 826 Valencia visit

How to participate

Bay Area artists, writers, poets and all creative people of all sorts are encouraged to participate in myDetour San Francisco by exploring their surroundings and channeling their creativity into their own Moleskine notebook. Completed notebooks can be then submitted in drop-boxes at any of the seven participating bookshops and design stores.

After October 1, all submitted notebooks will be reviewed by a jury of artists, creative professionals and brand experts. The top 10 notebooks will be selected for the international myDetour archive, traveling to additional editions around the world. One creation chosen by the jury will also travel, with its author, to the next myDetour installation in 2010.

To participate read the Rules and Regulations and include a Consent form with your submitted notebook. All notebooks will be donated to lettera27, a non profit organization dedicated to supporting literacy and education programs around the world and especially in the most deprived areas. Moleskine Srl supports lettera27 with an annual contribution to the funding of its projects, and shares with lettera27 the right to display the notebooks and the material and images within them on line and off line. For more information on lettera27 please visit


Displayed Notebooks

In San Francisco will be displayed decorated notebooks by: Anna Paola Civardi, Clementine Bossis, Gotsuko, Tinka, Régis Labatut, PKG, Cora von Zezschwitz, Caroline Wiart, Hakan Balaban, Laura Armato, Paloma Blanco, Man Michelle, Nattawan Kamklai, Hsiao Chun Lin, Chakraborty Shujoy, Charinrattana Jakkapun, Chino Aiko, Jordan Cook, Vania Comoretti, Koike Kensuke, Marina Ferretti, Maddalena Fragnito De Giorgio, Amparo e Sebastian Zabronski, Paola Monasterolo.