The Project

MyDetour Travel Notebooks

Venice 3rd > 26th February 2012

Illustrated, hacked, filled with stories, photos, collage, burnt, embroidered, transfigured, sealed or transformed into sculptures, like the one by Martino Genchi, by Sammy or by Tomoko.

Beginning on February 2, myDetour's latest stage collects 32 notebooks created by young artists in the ateliers of the Bevilacqua La Masa Foundation, between 2008 and 2011, along with another 30 notebooks selected from works collected in New York, Paris, Berlin, Istanbul, San Francisco, Tokyo, Shanghai and various Italian cities, from stages along the myDetour journey.

The exhibit stems from the lasting collaboration between Moleskine and the Bevilacqua La Masa Foundation, committed to supporting new talent through an annual residence program for emerging artists.

myDetour - Travel Notebooks
Bevilacqua La Masa Foundation
Palazzetto Tito
Dorsoduro - Venice
February 3 to 26, 2012