Social Responsibility



The quest for aesthetics and quality is our primary ethical commitment. We stubbornly pursue an utopian goal: we are convinced that a company's ethics are first and foremost bound up with what it creates and how it does so. Beauty and quality are intrinsic values of what we make.

We conceive of aesthetics in broad terms: as culture, creative freedom, space and time for thought, imagination, and emotion. We conceive quality in a profound way: as a careful and attentive vision of the whole and the details, both in the things we make and the relations we enjoy and protect.

From concept to design, from choice of materials to final production, from workplace to lifestyle and in our relations with our employees, our partners, and our public.


It is our privilege to make objects that by their nature are not disposable and will never become obsolete. On the contrary, Moleskine notebooks tend to become the focus of affection, and are designed expressly to be kept and treasured. Our attachment only grows over time, because a Moleskine product is made out of the thoughts and feelings of its owner. Still, it may also be made out of paper and other materials that impact in some way on the environment. Moleskine SpA is actively engaged in taking every precaution possible to help safeguard the health of the environment:

- All Moleskine notebooks are made with acid-free paper, making Moleskine notebooks environmentally friendly products.

- Moleskine S.p.A. creates and sells FSC-certified products.



SUPPORT FOR LETTERA27 through the Detour project

The Moleskine brand's primary ethical commitment outside of the company involves lettera27, a non-profit foundation working on behalf of a universal right to education and access to knowledge, everywhere on earth and especially in the world's most deprived and underdeveloped areas.

Moleskine provides financial support to the lettera27 foundation principally through Detour, a special project dedicated to culture and creativity, with travelling exhibitions of notebooks created by artists, writers, architects, designers, and musicians from around the world. Some of these notebooks are filled with sketches, texts and ideas, whilst others are transformed into works of sculpture or fine art. These exhibitions have been held in London, New York, Paris, and Berlin, Istanbul, Tokyo, Venice, Shanghai and Beijing, with many other cities yet to come. An ongoing adventure in creativity that, through the myDetour initiatives, involves young and as yet unknown talents, and speaks to all Moleskine fans of the Moleskine notebooks around the world.

The archive of the many notebooks created for Detour and myDetour, donated by their authors to the foundation, is on permanent display online at and has also been published in book form, constituting a growing patrimony of beauty, culture, intelligence, and relationships. Its voyage around the world, through the exhibitions organized by Moleskine, is a continual source of opportunities and resources for lettera27.


Just as avant-garde artists of the past, the creative populations of today also need agile tools to create freely while in the streets, in cafés and while travelling. Moleskine shares its heritage with contemporary talent through a global schools network program, supporting students by creating opportunities for the generation, development and sharing of content and ideas. Programs have already taken place in: New York, Milan, Tokyo, Rome, San Francisco, Istanbul, Venice, Shanghai and many other global cities, with organisations such as the Bevilacqua La Masa Foundation of Venice, Esterni in Milan (Associazione Culturale Aprile Onlus) and global drawing network Urban Sketchers.