Moleskine Quality

We have always devoted great care to guaranteeing the quality of our products. From year to year we refine the procedures that allow us to ensure quality control over a very complex manufacturing process, a mixture of hand craftsmanship and industrial production. 

Many details of the Moleskine notebook (the details that our customers tend to value most highly) require manual workmanship. The insert that comes with every Moleskine notebook has an identification number that lets us trace its production history, so that we can address any quality issue that may arise.

We thank you for reporting any problems
By reporting any problems that may arise you help us keep a close watch on our quality, so that we can immediately correct any defects that may slip past us. We are very happy to hear from you, and we appreciate your reports.
You will find your notebook identification number in the back pocket. Keep it safe. Every notebook is handmade and has been carefully checked for quality. If, despite our best efforts, we have overlooked a defect of any kind, please let us know through the form you'll find on Please include a digital photo that shows the problem you have found.

"Designed by Moleskine in Italy and manufactured in China"
Most of our production comes from the Far East, chosen for a set of critical factors find their highest expression in this part of the world: the quality of raw materials, the care and quality in each step of production and the ability to combine industrial and artisanal production.
The Far East we know well and which supplies our production needs, in fact, is not the one of low levels of quality and a disregard for copyrights and civil rights. It is China, for example, that invented paper in the second century A.D., when the West was still using only parchment, and invented printing with movable type as early as the eleventh century--four centuries before Gutenberg. It is the Far East that boasts a great tradition of working with paper, of book-binding, paper-folding, calligraphy, and fine inks. It is the refined China of the great tradition that was handed down to Japan and then spread throughout the Far East and the world.

In the Far East we have found manufacturers capable of blending the large volumes of industrial production with the care and individual attention of handmade craftsmanship. Our search for the right partners has been time-consuming and exhaustive, and it has demanded much testing and a careful selection process. The production processes of our suppliers are certified with the leading world organizations, acknowledged and recognized in the field. Aside from the high quality of the notebooks they produce, our suppliers have been selected because they adhere to the highest standards in terms of respect and protection of workers' rights. Each factory is monitored and inspected repeatedly throughout the course of each year.

A relatively small portion of our production is done in other places around the world, through specialized suppliers capable of meeting our standards of quality. Ongoing and wide-ranging research into our production sourcing is a characteristic of our working style: we are always keen to find new opportunities.

The materials used in Moleskine notebooks
The materials utilized for the production of our notebooks come from all over the planet. For each individual component a thorough and constantly updated investigation is undertaken to ensure excellence in every detail. Certain components come from Italy and France, others come from Japan and from South Korea, Vietnam, China and Taiwan, and from still other places: an international network of quality, created with patience and intelligence by a team tirelessly pursuing research and innovation.

All Moleskine notebooks are made with acid-free paper; the manufacturing process of that variety of paper is environmentally friendly.
For further information on environmental sustainability, click here.
Moleskine S.p.A. creates and sells FSC-certified products.