Think big spend little

Big presents tend to get people excited. Boxes that can be climbed into, packages that take more than one pair of hands to unwrap. Light up the holidays with a supersized gift pack and get the online discount now.
The gift box comes in the form of a giant Moleskine notebook, giving a hint of what's inside. Open it, and you become the contemporary nomad, always on the move with your bag and belongings, whether you require a Messenger, Utility or Reporter bag in your life.  
Currently on offer with a sizeable discount, the multipurpose packs include a bag and a selection of cases to protect the contents.
Smaller gift packs are also available for those who like the sense of calm which comes with the right tools for organisation, productivity  and creativity. Delight them with the colour-matched collections to personalise your gift according to their taste. Prepare them for the year ahead.
These colour-themed bundles include a large Planner to never miss an appointment, an XS notebook for fleeting thoughts, a set of two large Volant notebooks for special projects and a fluo pen to bring ideas to life. The Star Wars bundle and Creativity bundle are perfect for those with specific interests, to make everyday life more interesting. 
Get the special discount on the Moleskine Store now.

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