Smart pen cannot connect to my ios device, how can I fix the issue? (for smart pen old version part of the smart writing set, not smart pen ellipse)

Follow the below instructions to update the firmware.
Download the firmware file (
Save the firmware file, you can save it on your desktop.
Connect your Smart Pen via a USB cable. Note: In Windows OS, PENPLUS will appear in the “Devices and drives” folder; in macOS, PENPLUS will appear on the desktop.
Copy the firmware file and Paste it in the PENPLUS folder.
Safely remove Smart Pen.
Smart Pen will automatically turn off, turn Smart Pen on again.
The blue LED light begins flashing (about 5 seconds) Note: If the orange LED light begins flashing, connect your Smart Pen again and remove the copied firmware. To do so, left-click and right-click the firmware file and click Move to Trash. RETURN TO ASSISTANCE
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