What does Moleskine’s conventional warranty cover? How long is it valid for?

All Moleskine products are made using premium quality materials that allow us to guarantee this product against any manufacturing or material faults, under the conditions and within the limits specified below and detailed on the warranty card that comes with the product.

In the territory of the European Union, the product is guaranteed against manufacturing or material faults for a period of 24 (twenty four) months from the purchase date. In non-EU countries, the product is guaranteed against manufacturing or material faults for a period of 12 (twelve) months from the purchase date.

In order to exercise their rights under the warranty, the purchaser must fill in the form that is available at www.moleskine.com/support. The Moleskine Customer Service team will deal with the enquiry and respond as soon as possible, providing the necessary instructions. In the event the item needs to be repaired or replaced, they will send the purchaser a sticker to attach to the product so that it can be collected by the courier appointed by Moleskine from the address specified by the purchaser on the contact form. Once the product has been repaired or replaced, it will be returned to the same address specified by the purchaser on the contact form.

The costs for collecting and returning the product will be borne by Moleskine, provided that the product is covered by the warranty.

In order to make a claim under the warranty, you will need to produce your receipt for the product when requested as proof of purchase. The warranty begins on the date the receipt was issued. If you were given a product for free as part of a promotion, you must produce the delivery note for the product. Sales receipts or delivery notes that have been altered, defaced or are otherwise illegible will not be considered valid.

The warranty does not cover any adaptations not authorised by Moleskine or damages resulting from this and refunds will not be granted on these grounds.

This warranty does not cover:

Wear and tear caused by use, damage caused by negligence, accidents, misuse, exposure to heat sources, contact with acids or solvents or damage cause by transport;
Regular checks, maintenance, repairs or replacements of parts of the product that are subject to wear and tear;
Damage caused to the product by non-original replacement parts or as a result of these parts being incompatible with the systems in use;
Damage caused to the product by user negligence;
Damage caused by fire, water, natural phenomena or overloading.

When collecting your luggage after a plane or train journey, please check it carefully. If you detect any damage, make a claim for compensation with the carrier at your arrival destination straight away.

The warranty may be invoked by any person who has legally acquired possession of the product during the warranty period.

Refunds will not be granted for repairs carried out by third parties not authorised by Moleskine, and any repair/replacement work or damage to products caused by such work will not be covered by the warranty.

If difficulties arise, please contact:

Moleskine Srl - Customer Support
viale Piceno, 17
20129 Milan (Italy)
www.moleskine.com/support RETURN TO ASSISTANCE
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