What can I do if offline sync is not working?

Make sure your Moleskine Smart Pen is turned on when taking notes offline.
Make sure that your smart device and operating system are compatible (for more informations: "Is my device compatible with the Smart Writing System?") with the Moleskine Smart Pen
Make sure that your Moleskine Smart Pen firmware and app software are updated to the latest version
You can update your firmware version in the app by going to:
Main Menu
Firmware Update
Make sure you have activated the Moleskine Smart Pen connection icon in the top right corner (the icon glows when activated) when syncing you notes
There are instances where notes temporarily do not appear even when the data is successfully transferred. Please disconnect and reconnect your Moleskine Smart Pen with Moleskine Notes and check by writing on the page in question.
Try restarting your Moleskine Smart Pen by holding the power button for at least 10 seconds
Try formatting (for more informations: "How do I format the Moleskine Smart Pen?") your Moleskine Smart Pen
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