Blackwing x Moleskine Set of 12 Soft Pencils - Background

Blackwing x Moleskine Set of 12 Soft Pencils

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  • 12 Soft Blackwing Pencils for a bold, dark line with depth and texture
  • made from Genuine Incense-cedar wood
  • premium Japanese graphite core
  • 20.2 cm long including iconic square ferrule and eraser
  • replaceable eraser with eraser clip
  • debossed imprint logo
  • premium matte finish
  • giftbox doubles as a desktop pencil holder

This graphite pencil set contains 12 beautifully designed Blackwing Soft pencils – enough for a year’s worth of notes and drawings in your Moleskine notebooks and sketchbooks of choice. These iconic pencils have a velvety dark graphite core, ideal for artists, musicians, woodworkers and anyone looking for a bold, dark line. Designed to create depth and texture on paper, these quality pencils feature Blackwing’s distinctive metal ferrule, replaceable rectangular eraser and eraser clip. The box can be used as a pencil holder on your desk, making sure that your supply is safely stored and always close at hand.

Blackwing pencils are all crafted with Genuine Incense-cedar wood from California and Oregon along with premium Japanese graphite. The company traces its roots to the 1930s when the pencil’s exceptional quality and distinctive style made it the creative tool of choice for some, of history's most influential artists, writers, and thinkers. The original Blackwing 602 gained popularity among creative luminaries such as John Steinbeck, Bugs Bunny creator Chuck Jones, and some of the most famous musicians of all time. Today, Blackwing pencils are cult objects.

Of course, you don’t need to be the next Steinbeck to be a part of the story. Just open your Moleskine notebook, pick up a pencil and put down all of your expectations. The iconic ferrule and rectangular eraser allow you to write, sketch, erase and go again; embrace mistakes as part of the process and simply enjoy the quiet moments between you and the page.

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