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Can I write and export notes while I'm offline?

The Smart Writing Set allows you to sync your notes at any time, even if the Notes App is not opened on your device.

If the Notes App is not running, make sure your Moleskine Smart Pen is turned on when taking notes. The light on your Smart Pen should be blue while connecting to your device and then green when it is ready to be used.

Your work is automatically saved when the Smart Pen is paired to the Notes App. If you are writing with the Smart Pen switched on but when the Notes App is not running, your notes will be saved to your device as soon as you activate the Notes App.

Make sure that your smart device and operating system are compatible.

Ensure that the Moleskine Smart Pen firmware and Notes App software are updated to the latest versions. To check which version you’re currently using, please go to the Support section in the Notes App.

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