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I have been using the previous version of Moleskine Notes. Should I migrate to the new version?

The previous version of Moleskine Notes is still working but can't be downloaded nor is it updated anymore If you have stored any data in the previous version of the app, you should keep it and proceed with the migration process before deleting it from your device.

Before starting with the new Notes App, if you have digital notebooks synced on the previous app version, please back-up your notes on Google Drive. Local migration is available to all users and it is the default setting.

See below for more information about syncing.

Guide to the previous version of the Moleskine Notes app:
https://www.moleskine.com/on/demandware.static/-/Sites-masterCatalog_Moleskine/default/dwb0 33a449/pdf/SmartPen3_UserGuideA4_web.pdf

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