Page through time and space. All your calendars synced to one place, seamlessly integrated with weather forecasts, maps, contacts and platforms such as Uber.





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See time as a continuous flow

Your calendar is displayed as a continuous timeline, making it easy to view a whole week at a glance, display your schedule for one day or look further ahead with a simple swipe.

  • Personalize your timeline by choosing the number of days shown
  • Choose to shade alternate weeks, weekends or the past
  • Choose which calendars to show and hide
  • Focus on your day by expanding it to fill the screen
  • Supports all calendars that are iPhone compatible including Exchange, Outlook, Office365, Facebook, AOL, Yahoo, Google, iCloud, CalDAV and more


Timepage now features a stunning month view, carefully designed to help you look ahead and stay organised. It's an intuitive heatmap of your schedule so you can instantly get a feel of when you're busy and when you're free. Live filters let you see the heatmap for events on individual calendars.



  • Spotlight search. Just search for an event using Spotlight on your iPhone home screen and it'll take you straight to the event inside Timepage.
  • Public transit estimates. For applicable cities you can now get public transit time estimates to get to your events.
  • Watch Complications. See a countdown to your next event, travel time, event details, weather and predicted rainfall - all from your watch face.
  • Calendar colors. You can now quickly see which events belong to which calendars by their colors

With this release Timepage now includes two useful Today widgets, one for weather and the other for your schedule.

  • The schedule widget shows your daily event list with times, people and travel time estimates
  • Quickly add an event from the schedule widget
  • The weather widget graphs the daily forecast showing temperature and rainfall

Take the weather with you

By the hour, day or week, weather forecasts help you plan as you go

  • Weather and temperature display daily or weekly as interactive graphs
  • Get weather conditions up to the minute in detail
  • Tailored forecasts for time and place, to help you plan what to wear
  • Choose to see the actual temperature or the "feels like" temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit

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Construct your own history through events

Remember all your important moments in one place.
Type in the event description and let Timepage take care of the details.

  • A simple swipe on any day quickly and effortlessly adds a new event
  • People are automatically suggested from your iOS address book
  • Choose whether to send them a calendar invite
  • Places are automatically suggested from Google Places
  • Location maps are integrated into event details
  • Get directions from Apple Maps or Google Maps
  • See transit time estimates for walking, cycling, driving and public transit (where available)
  • See what's next, e.g. "2 hours free after this until Meeting at 4pm"
  • Easily select Uber as a transportation method, launching Uber within Timepage to easily choose the type of service and view cost and travel time estimates
  • Weather forecast for the event location and time
  • Choose to repeat the event every day, week, fortnight, month or year
  • Add text notes related to the event
  • Create customizable reminders to send push notifications

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Apple Watch Features

  • Easy handoff with iPhone
  • View your schedule
  • See detailed weather information with daily rain and temperature graphs
  • Get a map, directions, and time estimates for your appointments, either walking, cycling, driving or on public transit
  • See a map of your event locations
  • Glance view shows time between appointments, travel time and location
  • Reminders can gently tap you on the wrist

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  • iOS8 or above
  • iPhone 4S, 5, 5S, 6, 6 Plus
  • Supports all calendars that iPhone is compatible with including Exchange, Outlook, Office365, Facebook, AOL, Yahoo, Google, iCloud, CalDAV and more
Note: Moleskine is continually responding to user input and improving compatibility.


Nothing is stored on Moleskine servers - all data is synced directly with the provider (iCloud/Google/Exchange) and cached on your personal device.